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So who here has had hip replacement?

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  • So who here has had hip replacement?

    Well it looks like I'm likely heading for replacement of my right hip (I'm right handed btw). Been dealing with this for a few years now but I think it's reached the point of needing replacement. I have another appointment with my orthopedic doc next week but I pretty much know what he's going to say and I think I'm ready to go forward with this even though I'm not looking forward to it.

    So for those who have had this done I am curious as to how it affected your golf. I'm going to go forward regardless of course, but still would like to hear from as many as I can how hip replacement impacted your golf game? Did you lose a lot of distance? Do you feel like you can play just as well once it heals versus before surgery or even before hip problems came about?

    Would just like to hear from some who have had this done if nothing else just for some encouragement!

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    K5th, looks like we have a healthy group here. I don't know of anyone who their hip replaced, but I heard it is suppose to easier to recover from than a knee replacement. I know few who had their knees replaced and have played golf with little to no pain.

    Hope all goes well and be sure to let us know if and when you have the hip replacement. I'm interested in finding out about what or hip replacement will affect playing golf. I am having some issues with my left hip when I am getting out of a golf cart. I get a sharp pain stepping out of the cart, but it subsides after a step or two and doesn't interfere with my golf swing.


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      The only story I have in mind is the hip replacement of Tom Watson, he came back with good performance astonishingly short term.
      Didn’t he nearly won the Open already with new hips?


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