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Open Fade stance to save front knee, somewhat the Back

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  • Open Fade stance to save front knee, somewhat the Back

    Long time no posts, short bkgd: At 54, my body has hit a crossroads. I picked up running 35 yrs. ago, was going only for 22-24 mi/week until recent. Used free wts. heavy set for 10 yrs., a total gym and lighter sets since 1999. I started mtn. biking for variety about 5 yrs. ago - I do lots of flats👍.

    Now, I'm a lean 5'9", 143, but my left knee is in pain issues (golf+ running), right knee has long term wear issues (run) and second back spasms/injury in 2018.(all actions). The back has had L3-5 critical issues off/on since 1992.

    Like topic says, an adaptation here in WIG golf is going to be employed by me hopefully in early July. My main pain concern is my front post knee. As a wig player since 2013, I use mostly a draw stance, more closed to my landing spot to fire outa tad right picture-wise. But, keeping that front foot flared and even opening up my stance more during some dry rehearsals here on my vacation with just a small dowel has felt like lesser the stress on that knee and bonus, the back, perhaps to allow me to get back into a wig mode soon.

    This setup will be entirely foreign in feel and instinct. My other option was to go way back, pre-wig, into that unnatural PPGS 3/4 limited compact swing and open stance. Ugggh! While I had some success with it for 5 yrs, my left arm and shoulder take a beating.

    So so the other big deal is likely giving up running. For know-the plan is to go with Total Gym more often with some higher speed/less resist sets sprinkled into Two bike rides every week.

    I'm definitely a rheumatoid arthritis gimp in the lower half. But if I don't need to care about maintaining my body for running and can save my knee better with no running plus a more open stance - there's not much too lose.

    Whom else has had success playing such stance here on a higher amount?