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Where are the Hips locaded and proper Hip Rotation

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  • Where are the Hips locaded and proper Hip Rotation

    The Definite Guide To A Proper Hip Rotation In The Golf Swing
    Golf Swing Body Mechanics
    January 1, 2016

    The X-Factor Myth and the Golf Swing”
    Golf Swing Body Mechanics
    January 1, 2016


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    I actually prefer this video for a rough general overview about the mechanics of hip rotation (in the downswing).


    • Gary
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      Thanks Schrodinger,

      I really like Milo Lines. His explanation of what not to do matches up with the two videos below.

      Golf Lower Back Pain Death Move
      Golf Swing Body Mechanics
      May 12, 2017

      Simple Golf Tip To Prevent Low Back Pain
      Golf Swing Body Mechanics
      January 29, 2018
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    • Schrodinger
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      Hi Gary - yes it looks like both videos are in agreement that too much lateral sway just locks up the lead hip and restricts the pivot. Not sure if there is a way to avoid spine flexion in the golf swing but I suspect one can minimise it by creating space at setup to allow you arms to swing through unimpeded (ie. like Moe Norman).

    • Gmonkey
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      Id stay away from this kind of golf instruction. This series of words and descriptions is not the way to teach a human an activity. If your intent is wrong you can forget about what leg muscles do what and how your hips should clear etc.....