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How to Prevent Back Pain Caused by Playing Golf

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  • How to Prevent Back Pain Caused by Playing Golf

    How to Prevent Back Pain Caused by Playing Golf


    Back pain is one of the most common golf injuries. Both professional and amateurs suffer from low-back aches, and it can adversely affect their game. Some people aren’t in great shape to begin with and only add unnecessary strain by choosing to play golf without increasing their fitness level, while others might have more serious underlying causes of their back problems. There are solutions out there for treating golf-related back pain after it develops, but wouldn’t it be better if we could prevent such problems in the first place? If you take precautionary measures, you will decrease the chance of developing any short-term and long-term back problems. Here are a few tips to help you avoid back injuries on the golf course.

    The Details

    Exercising: If you exercise regularly, then it is unlikely that you will pick up any sort of back injury on the course. Exercise strengthens your bone and muscle structure so your back gets proper support.

    Warm-Up: Every time you go to play or practice golf, start by warming up. Gently move your spine in every direction, bending forward and to the side, and do light hip circles in both directions. If your back hurts out on the course, take a minute to repeat a few lower back stretches.

    Ageing: Old age is associated with back pain. A lot of veteran golfers overwork themselves on the course, which causes back pain. As you rack up years, be sure to take it easier and rest more often.

    Walk: Avoid cart sessions early in the game. If your body isn’t tired, then it doesn’t need rest. Walking will improve endurance and make you more suited to high-pressure situations, in which your back muscles are prone to tense up.

    Swinging: Before you play the shots, practice swinging. This will improve blood flow and make you feel more accustomed to a bent position. It will also help your back limber up.

    Start Slow: There is absolutely no need to rush onto the field and start playing like a maniac. Golf is a game of patience so take your time and play for shorter periods each day. Eventually you—and your back—will be ready for a full day’s game.

    The Stance: The stance is very important because it defines how you transfer the weight onto your body. Don’t slouch or put more weight on one leg than the other. Correct weight transfer will ensure you don’t create tension in your back.

    The Position: Stand two to three inches closer to the ball than you usually do. This position will give you a lower center of gravity, and you will be able to more easily turn your hips to play the shot.

    Don’t Use Full Strength: Don’t use your full strength to play each shot. Just do what’s necessary to get the ball to your target. There is no need to put extra pressure on your body.

    The Golf Bag: Carry the golf bag safely. Since it is very heavy, you must lift it carefully, using your leg muscles as in a reverse squat. And, switch which shoulder you use to carry it so you don’t put uneven load on your body.

    Rest: This is perhaps the most important thing. If you want to ensure that you avoid back pain, then rest regularly to give your body adequate time to recover. No golfer plays every day of the week, and neither should you.
    The Bottom Line

    Back pain is a serious problem that has troubled many golfers over the years. It can be avoidable, but most people don’t know the necessary steps to take to avoid suffering back pain later on. If you want to keep golfing well into your golden years, then you should definitely keep these tips in mind to avoid back pain for good.

    Back pain is one of the most common golf injuries. Both professional and amateurs suffer from low-back aches, and it can adversely affect their game. .......

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    I'm glad you made the effort to bring this up. One of the reasons that I subscribe to WIG is that I began to feel the affects of play on my knees, hips, and back. The exercises and prescribed swing movements got me back playing without pain or injury at a time when I was ready to blame poor performance on my age.
    I recently saw an episode with Michael Breed on the Golf Channel where he complained of lower back issues and he is much younger than I. That caused me to remember my own pursuit of distance and accuracy without regard to my body and the point it got me to. Thanks for posting the link to I will definitely look into it.


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      I learned few months ago a new approach (for me) about back pain.
      in Germany a doc has a lot of cost free YouTube videos about his idea to get rid of pain. name is 'Liebscher & Bracht'.
      The basic idea to solve back pain issue is to counter the root cause.
      The human body is designed to stack up. But what do do we do nearly 24/7? Sitting, during work, in the car, in front of the TV. In the hip area we are bend forward, nearly all day long. Even during sleeping, we victims of modern civilization, feel comfortable, laying on the side, guess what, again the sitting position.
      Consequence over the time is, the muscles and body structure on the front side of the body is shortened, while the rear side is permanently stretched and stressed. If we we somewhen want to stand straight, the front side want to come back to the 'normal' position, bend forward. Brain says no, I want the body straight, back muscles must fight hard to achieve the desired posture. Result is, pain due to overloading.
      To come back to normal, natural situation, Liebscher recommends stretching, not muscle work out. Exercising in order to make the muscles in the respective regions stronger, creates more stress. Makes sense?
      So, a basic exercise is 2-3 minutes layingin on the floor and bend the body in the opposite direction of the wrong bend forward posture. Straight arms under the shoulders, the belly sinks slowly in direction to the floor. Breathing supports that.
      It is astonishing, how that works.
      He has of course more exercises for othe issues, othe body parts.
      In addition he recommend to massage 'trigger points' areas with massive pains with balls or sticks.
      Watch also Shawns Yoga videos, quite same ideas. Only the stretching is softer, compared to Liebscher.


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        In German Language, but the 3 easy exercises are pretty clear to understand. Do each 2-3 minutes. Every breath helps to stretch 1-2 mm more.


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          My granddad is also an experienced golf player and about 2 years ago he begun to feel lower back pain. Generally, his doctor's recommendations are similar to yours, and he really keeps up to them, especially concerning exercising, moving and respecting the correct posture. Now he is collaborating with a physical therapist, and his condition has become better. A friend of mine told me about kratom uses for moderate pain, as an alternative to conventional painkillers, but I'm not sure whether it is suitable for my granddad or not. Has anyone tried it?
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            The main problem is that you always stay in the same position and you put too much stress on the back. The only solution that I see is a sport. Indeed, some simple exercises every day can help you a lot. As for me, I practice yoga for some years and I found it the best sport that doesn't harm your organism and brings a lot of help. You can read here some useful information about it.
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              Originally posted by owenrules View Post
              The main problem is that you always stay in the same position and you put too much stress on the back
              I agree with you. I had the same problem


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                My family went through this problem. We had a habit of going golfing with friends every Sunday. The first year was great. The hours passed quickly. But across time, my father began to have back pain, and then my mother complained. Even me, at the age of 30, and my husband could feel our backs falling. Our friends saw that there was something wrong. One Sunday, they advised us to do a few 대전 출장 안마 sessions, because they had the same problem, after that they forgot about the word back pain. Believe it or not, but I've never felt my back so healthy.
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