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Golfing with Piriformis Syndrome??

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  • Golfing with Piriformis Syndrome??

    Anyone ever try golfing with Piriformis Syndrome have any success tricks? Mine is in my lead hip.

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    Originally posted by Ken Robie
    Anyone ever try golfing with Piriformis Syndrome have any success tricks? Mine is in my lead hip.
    Hi Ken ..

    you're probably well ahead of me in understanding this and taking positive steps to deal with it..

    thought I would at least try to contribute a few things towards helping the WIG Friends understanding what it is and some strategies to reducing its discomfort

    there is a lot to this - and lower back issues are pretty commonplace - but they are not necessarily all the same root cause - so it's important to know what it is you're trying to overcome, in that treatment for one problem could well make a different problem or issue worse.

    I'll try and get around to throwing a few of the core workout things that I'm doing this year that have been a big help to me - I'm by no means totally out of pain or stiffness, but as I've been able to strengthen quads, hamstrings and upper/lower abdominals, my back has loosened up considerably and my recovery time from playing or practicing is substantially less.

    hope this is of some help

    good luck in your challenge - cheers!

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      Kid, thanks, yeah there is a lot of known and unknown with that little bugger. It's been worming it's way into my comfort level for a few months now. Was really pounding a lot of golf & balls last week getting ready for an annual Open tourney and it decided enough was enough. Tough playing on just one side. ;>) I've been doing all the stuff from my end of the deal so will have to wait and see.


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        If you do physical therapy constantly, you can practice whatever sport you want. But it's not so bad. I got double trouble, knee pain, and Piriformis Syndrome. I'm sometimes thinking about how I survive. It's tough; it's challenging to go almost every day to the therapist, but we have to take care of our health. I played professional rugby since I was in high school. Now, in my 40 years, I can feel the consequences. I also wear a support knee brace when playing tennis. I read the article to choose the best one and fit perfectly on my knee.
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          I haven't personally experienced golfing with Piriformis Syndrome, but I've heard that implementing certain strategies can help alleviate discomfort and improve performance. Some tips you might find useful are:

          Prioritize stretching exercises specifically targeting the piriformis muscle before and after golfing.
          Ensure you have proper posture and alignment during your swings to minimize strain on the hip.
          Experiment with different swing modifications, such as adjusting your stance or grip, to find positions that put less pressure on your affected hip.
          Consider using a golf cart or a caddy to minimize the amount of walking and strain on your hip.‚Äč