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    Anyone else looked into this new swing devised by John Hensby called Channel Lock. It is making a lot of sense to me but no doubt flaunts some basic bio-mechanics of the golf swing. It seems a pretty good way of reducing risk and slice tendencies (high handicappers) associated with the conventional swing.


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    Hi PG, Greetings WIG Friends Everywhere:

    been keeping an eye on JH for some time - and he's always got some very good (and friendly) insights into the golf swing. I know some WIG followers not currently active on this board have kept an eye on JH's thinking and were impressed by it.

    Not sure how much I can usefully contribute to this conversation - but some things that are worth noting:

    MMI - Boomer Golf is actively talking up 'Channel Lock' on his channel

    Secret in the Dirt aka Secret Golf has in the past featured Martin Ayers, a friend of JH's, who has some similar aspects to JH's teaching ...showing a lot of 'early down' in the swing sequence.

    I would offer that if one is considering 'Channel Lock' or at least trying to get a 'handle' on look at a couple things..

    1. where do the wrists unhinge in this Channel Lock swing sequence?

    2. what does JH mean when he describes 'the Channel' in Channel Lock?

    for what it's worth - and again, I have awareness that I'm opening and reading from the BoTO (Book of The Obvious) ..that one cannot 'bolt onto' WIG elements of 'Channel Lock'..

    there are reason's that both can and do work, and there are reasons that both are a little outside the 'Normal PGA Instruction Box' ..

    but there are also reasons that they can't be blended .. mostly if you're using the old 'swing sequence Bingo Card' ..that the release pattern happens in very different places in the swing.

    I would lastly put forward that much of all of this has to do with the Optics of the swing to golfer.

    in short, 'where does the action look or seem to be going relative to the target'?

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
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      This guy reminds me very much of Moe Norman. Same kind of swing (although he tends to loose balance at the end of his swing while Moe didn't). Similar voice. And, well, pretty much difficult to understand too ;-) Not saying it is not interesting but I honestly didn't get it.


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        Talking about Moe Norman swing, here is a video (the sound is not very good though). If you watch the video for a while, you'll see he's actually a very funny guy. Love the guys in the background too. Nice dress ;-)