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How to structure / share WIG knowledge?

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  • How to structure / share WIG knowledge?

    Started learning guitar a few months ago on an online site. Extremely well done with a clear curriculum. An interesting feature is the forum / discussion under each video lesson. Going through the comments and discussion, one get many answers and clarifications. Don't we need something similar? A structured curriculum (grip, etc.) with key videos from Shawn (too many of them?) and discussions underneath? Not sure about the way to put this in place? Wiki on vbulletin? Other? Thoughts welcome.

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    Hi Ferko..

    you raise an excellent question - in that Shawn has an abundance of materials/concepts/analogies and now years of videos and a book on the way.

    also the WIG method has evolved during this time as Shawn has reframed original concepts in new ways or in some cases brought entirely new ones into play, replacing older ideas and teaching tools with new ones.

    I know at one point I began to frame some of this in terms of a WIKI - might still work and help give it some placement and context.

    that's a big hill to climb - but it's the New Year and always good to put a big goal out there to chase.


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      Draft proposal for a kind of a vision/mission statement (feel free to comment and rephrase in a more "professionnal" way. English is not my mother tongue)

      Objective: Spread WIG teaching (Shawn's teaching?) and knowledge to help all golfers improve and enjoy the Great Game

      How: Provide an easy way for the WIG community to document and structure publicly available WIG material for easy access and understanding by novice to advanced golfers leveraging the existing infrastructure like the WIG forum and allowing all golfers to actively benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the WIG community.


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        Looking for Shawn's video on the Hogan Power Move. Google returns one of Gary 's blog on the HPM. Nice and to the point compilation of knowledge, videos and even quotes from WIGers! Not too short not too long. Definitively part of The WIG Book Of Knowledge (WIBOK ?).
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          All the analogies in one blog! Amazing work!


          • kid_fullerene
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            Editing a comment
            important to recognize the amazing work that Gary continues to do with the core WIG ideas - and I think that your idea of finding a path where this can be made even more accessible is a good one.. the work being done is easy to take for granted .. but it's more extensive and more important every day.. glad that good WIG friends are on this case! cheers, k_f

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          Never wanted to find this video where Shawn talks about about his in-laws, the bullwhip, Chris Riddoch or paintbrush? Here is my little try at it.

          What I did
          I basically extracted what Shawn said from 48 Youtube videos as text files and put all of that in blogs. You can search the blogs and hopefully find what you're looking for. This is probably far from perfect as it relies on Google's ability to convert voice to text from a video and this is not perfect as of today.

          At this stage I published the blogs on Blogger and not on the forum to avoid polluting it. I used a standard Blogger template I thought was the most practical to view the search result i.e. a list of blogs with the first lines of the text displayed. The mobile version is pretty neat too with the search bar at the top.

          How to search
          First, don't forget that only 48 videos are included at this stage so the search will be limited. You have different ways to search the blogs:

          1) Use the Blogger search feature
          Go to and type in what you're looking for in the search box. The search engine is good but has some limitations so don't hesitate to vary the search terms. For example, searching for "in-law" will return nothing relevant because the text actually contains "in-laws" with an s. A few examples:


          2) Use Google
          Just use Google to search what you're looking for. If you're looking for "grammy", just type in grammy in the Google search box. The site: part tells Google to restrict the search to the site where all the blogs are located. Note that Google has not fully indexed the site as I write this post. I don't know how long it takes for Google to index a site but as of today some results are missing in the search result. A few examples:


          3) Search the text files
          Just download the attached .zip file. It contains one directory with all the subtitles files (files with an SRT extension) and another directory with all the blogs as text file. Just use the search feature of your PC to search the file contents e.g. use Windows Explorer. The url of the video is located at the beginning of each file.

          A bit of fun
          After merging all the 48 blogs, I generated a word cloud using I had to clean the words list only keeping words with more than 10 occurences and removing "usual" words. Here is the result.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	wordcloud small.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.7 KB ID:	10518

          Interestingly, if you remove the top three words (ball, club, hit) as well as swing and golf, here is what you get.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	wordcloud_exclusion small.jpg Views:	1 Size:	125.1 KB ID:	10519

          Feedback and improvements
          Please let me know what you think including any ideas for improvement. This is an experiment so don't hesitate to be straightforward. Like many experiments it may prove not very useful!

          A bit more details on how this was done
          You'll find below the link to the procedure I used to extract video subtitles. I processed 48 videos in about 90 minutes. This includes subtitles extraction, cleansing and blogs publication. About 2 minutes per video.

          Next steps
          If you find it useful, the idea is to process all of Shawn's videos. Could be done over time. I also have a few ideas like automatic tag generation for easier search. A timeline with the introduction and dissapearance of concepts in Shawn's teaching would also be fun e.g. when was the notion of "intermediate point" introduced or when did Shawn stopped talking about "already feeling in motion". Could probably be done by analyzing what he says.
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            Last summer my son and his wife wanted a golf lesson. I gave them a quick intro lesson to Shawn's concepts. Later, they looked up Shawn's videos and got a bit lost trying to structure the videos into a learning program.

            I put together the following e-mail to help them out. I think it fits into the topic:

            I re-watched a number of Shawn Clement's videos on YouTube. I finally have a list of his best videos for you. I put them in a rough order to make learning his approach easier. I have listed the name of the videos below. If you go to YouTube and search "Shawn Clement Video Name", the video should come up.

            Intro videos/philosophy

            1. Golfers Over 40 Watch This. (Watch this even though you are not over 40. It is a good intro to his approach.)
            2. Ridiculously Easy Golf Part I.
            3. Ridiculously Easy Golf Part II.
            4. K.I.S.S. Golf--Keep it Simple.
            5. Feel the Weight of the Golf Swing.
            6. Stop Overthinking Your Golf.

            Process Videos

            1. Best Video on the Grip Ever.
            2. Knife the Grip.
            3. Golf Grip and Wrist Hinge.
            4. Set Up Posture to Swing to the Target.
            5. Set Up all Clubs.
            6. Understanding Weight Shift.
            7. Takeaway and Starting Golf Swing.
            8. Starting the Downswing.
            9. Aiming, Alignment and Ball Position.
            10. Body--Arms--Hands Timing in Golf Swing.
            11. Swing Plane Update.
            12. Rhythm in Golf Swing.
            13. Tempo and Timing.

            Specific Drills--a great way to learn the basics of the Swing. You can do these even if you haven't watched all the previous videos.

            1. Fencing for Power in Golf.
            2. Best Drill in Golf--Feet Together. ( if you can do this drill and the one foot dill, you are most the way to a good Swing).
            3. Savvy Feet Together. (There are a number of Videos wth Savvy. These may help Kate to visualize how her Swing will look).
            4. 2nd Best Drill in Golf--One Leg.
            5. Perpetual Balance Drill.
            6. Learn Golf Much Faster with this Drill. (Elephant Walk.)
            7. Feet Together--One Leg Updates.
            8. Feet Together Driver=Consistency.
            9. Through the Ball Drills.
            10. Spine Angle Kettle Bell Tips.
            11. Amazing Lumberjack Sledgehammer Drill. Mental Approach to Golf--Play Golf, not Golf Swing

            Mental approach.

            1. How to Focus in Golf Part I.
            2. How to Focus in Golf Part II.
            3. Mental Game Baseball for Golf. (Introduces RIBS concept for evaluating shots in practice and play.)
            4. Instinctive Practice.

            A few additional videos for later.

            1. Eyes Closed for Solid Contact.
            2. Throw that Club Straight.
            3. Be Savvy When Throwing Clubs.
            4. Savvy with Your Center.

            It is important to understand Shawn's approach to the Swing and then move onto the basic drills. The process stuff refines the setup and grip, but the videos fit with the Drills. I move back and forth between drills and process to refine my shots.