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Another guys seems to wake up and is questioning the positional golf teaching

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  • Another guys seems to wake up and is questioning the positional golf teaching

    How can one explain how major championship winners like David Duval, Sandy Lyle, Seve Ballesteros, Ian Baker-Finch and Mike Weir (to name a few) all completely lost their games and were driven off the PGA Tour? The list of talented players, like these major winners, who tried to improve their games by changing their style […]

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    Hi guys,

    GREAT find, Marcus!

    Notice that in items #8 - 20 in the article, NO mention of anything WIG??

    Another one for which I wish I could "like" MORE than once.

    Well done, Marcus
    Thank you.

    dude abides
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      Playing devils advocate this is just a trackman advertisement. This is data driven learning which lets face it has not been around for long.

      What I conclude from this article is pretty much common sense. The unavoidable conclusion that golf instruction is not easy. In fact it is extremely difficult.

      Im 100% sure that in 20 years time someone will write a similar article claiming that every teacher in the early 2000's was obsessed with having their students hit certain 'numbers' and students wondering why they couldnt consistently achieve the desired 'numbers'.

      Then some journalist will compare that with the latest hologram technology learning aid and ridicule the trackman generation.

      and sadly they will claim that if it wasnt for this that and the other they would have been a hall of fame major winner. hahaha


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        Bobby Clampett is the person who wrote that original article and his philosophy was about creating the correct impact conditions. I think he was one of a few that suggested 'aiming' points for the hands in the golf swing . I think we all know there are a variety of styles that can get the job done (ie. our own WIG swings are examples) but imho , the copying of certain idiosyncrasies of top golfers is becoming more predominant. Example being the bent left wrist of Dustin Johnson, now the early 'motorcycle move' promoted by Tyler Ferrell and Mike Granato , and more recently the lower body slide action of an ex long drive champion (and some other pro golfers). 3D Technology , although fantastic to view and monitor (at leisure) in detail what pro -golfers are doing is also being used to market even more 'theories' about 'specific moves and actions' in the golf swing (using selected data from scientific studies to back it up). Unsure whether 3D based golf instruction is on the right track at the moment but we can only wait and see.