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Trapped in blocked shot mania???

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  • Trapped in blocked shot mania???

    Hello looking for some help here. Sorry no video. I was playing really well when all of a sudden I started blocking shots. To be clear I am hitting shots that go straight as an arrow for the most part but simply start right and stay right? Mostly irons. In fact it kind of started with short irons and is most common with these but progressed to all irons and now even woods. I almost now can't hit a 5i through SW that isn't blocked right? Good distance for the most part but starts right and stays right.

    What are the causes (and more importantly cures) for blocked shots???

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    My first reaction is this relates to the same issues you posted about recently with the hooked shots.

    That said, in general there can be a number of causes for a blocked shot, e.g., takeaway too far inside; arms stuck behind you; clubface dynamically open coming into impact; ball position too far back in your stance, and so on.

    I guess I would first ask, what type of shot are you attempting when you block the shots? Assuming you're playing as a right hander, are you attempting to draw the ball, but you get a straight push (or block to the right) instead?

    If so, it could be that over time your swing has become "out of balance" from repeatedly drawing the ball, in which case Shawn would say that you should work on some fades to balance out your swing as seen in this video . . .

    As you will see in this video, Shawn is once again using the intermediate point for alignment and as a reference point for the "mile markers" in the swing (e.g., not too far inside or too far outside in the takeaway, etcetera for the shot intended). I'd suggest you do the same as "checkpoints" during the swing to make sure that your swing is matching with your target picture.


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      The dreaded block. This video attached is great. Thanks Cally.

      If your block is caused by path and you are used to being inside at the top then getting back to arms out in front will seem very strange. You may even need a video of your swing to convince yourself of the change.

      As in my other thread the inside take away can be caused by a left arm roll or a right arm lawnmover pull.

      Once you believe in the arms out in front is the correct path (and thats a big jump for some who have been chronic inside for years) then you must catch the ball early in the swing and not cast.

      The very irony is that what people call an early release is better described in my opinion as a late release. You might now think im completely mad but ill explain.

      If you consider the two pendulum swing. 1. Body, arms or shoulder. 2. Wrists. The two are blended by the fall and the swing to target.

      My advice is that you catch the ball very early on in the second pendulum swing. If you catch it late in that swing thats the cast. That is what people refer to an early release. That is a good way to describe the fault but the better way to decribe the action is an early catch of the ball in the swing.

      So lets apply that to soccer practise with my son. You kick a ball by swinging your foot to target and the ball gets in the way. So you can put a value of 1-10 on the swing of the foot. Now I put a value on the number of the point in the swing I want my son to impact the ball at. Its about number 3. So naturaly some will connect at 3 but most at 5. Point 5 would be where your 'cast is' in golf.

      So anyway golf. Arms out in front may seem crazy but not if you are now thinking of catching the ball at 2/3 instead of 5. Get me?

      So simplified. Take away inside will let you impact at 5 but you will get all sorts of bad stuff going on. Arms out in front and impact at 5 and it wont work and you may back track thinking you have gone down a dead

      I had to prove this to a friend. I used boxing. I held out my hand and asked him to slowly punch my hand by aiming the swing to finish at my hand. End of the swing being what I described as 'point 10'. He punched my hand. It hurt a little. Then I asked him to swing a punch at my hand and contact my hand at point 3 in the swing with point 10 being past my hand.

      He punched my hand (not with full swing) and I felt a force that if landed on jaw would have knocked me clean out.

      The moral of the story is dont get into a fight with me unless you know how to punch otherwise I will hurt you bad. hahahahahahaha

      Hope this helps.
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