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Is the WIG forum lacking activity?

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  • Is the WIG forum lacking activity?

    I am just wondering, is the WIG forum becoming less active and if so why? I check in as often as I can being this is a busy time of the year for me, being in racing the spring until fall is where we have to shine. I see all of the videos on You Tube and comments but don’t see anyone much new on the forum. How many golfers out there are totally using WIG, I read where some say they use bits and pieces of it but don’t go all in. I think Shawn’s swing has evolved from early on and until now and some of the older videos are still out there any may throw a bit of confusion in the mix from then to now.

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    Hi Gman

    I've noticed the same thing - and it's a bit troubling.

    Clearly the teaching and platforms have evolved and changed. I know Shawn has physically relocated to Quebec and is also doing a lot of new (and good) work with Golfing World - and with the new Premium WIG site - much of the conversation seems to have moved.

    There is still activity here on these boards - but as you've observed, with fewer active voices contributing - and absence of 1 or 2 can make a big difference.

    I'm on fairly frequently - but like you, have a job that has a peak season during the warmer months and limits my time in front of the computer screen ..

    I remain in the belief that there is still a place for this board and the work (and fun) we have here..

    Hope others share a similar view - and we can find ways of keeping this incarnation of golf conversation vibrant.

    Clearly it's in our hands - and it will be what we all choose to make of it.

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
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      I haven't been very active in a year. Lots of other stuff going on. Hope all are doing well.. Didn't even know Shawn moved. I guess I have lots of catching up to do.Haven't played in over a year so like starting over.Good day and good golf to all.


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        Does anyone have any thoughts as to when Shawns swing started evolving??. Like I said haven't been around for over a year. I still watch my older original videos but wondering if there's something new in the swing evolution I should know about?


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          Imho , Shawn's main concepts and beliefs have remain unchanged although he does seem to be using high tech tools in more recent videos (3D and Pressure Plate data). Probably quite a good idea to prove (using 3D images) how a change from internal to external focus can automatically change your swing action to meet the intended outcome.

          There are still a lot of people out there who just do not believe in 'external focus' even though it is scientifically proven to be superior to 'internal focus' type instruction. If you check out Golfwrx and many other golf forums, there is a recycling of the same issues almost every day and most of the 'fixit' tips are internal focus orientated . In the end , nothing gets fixed and the cycle continues forever.

          I think WIG is going to face a battle against the ever increasing interest being taken in the micro management of the golf swing using high tech monitoring equipment which imho could cause more problems than it fixes (if the data is not interpreted correctly).


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            Correct Schrodinger. I was on the micro management side a long time and it was a big desaster. With WIG my performance exploded and now after 4 years it starts to get boring, too easy. Driver - wedge on most holes, the par 5 are par 4 with a longer second shot. Our Par 71 course is 6200 meters, 6850 yards.
            The change in Shawn’s teaching I observed recently is the emphasize of the task ‘cut grass’ compared to the years before.


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              I believe if we look back at past years that the lack of activity at this time of year is an annual occurrence. However, currently there is a lower number of members being active on the forum. Thankfully we have a few steadfast intelligent authorities active. Thanks kid, Schrodinger, Alpine, Calley , Costa and a few others whose names fail me now.

              Alpine, I agree that Shawn's emphasis is more task oriented "Do I feel that this set up can complete the shot I envision?"


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                Hi Guys

                building off what Ron is sharing ..

                and with what I think I do and no longer see here might be time for us to work on a bit of a 'mission' (sorry if that's a bit corporate) for us to focus some of our thinking and efforts on..

                speaking only for myself .. for some time - I tried to accomplish a couple of things ..

                1. welcome new WIG friends and help them find their footing with what is available to them and get them engaged in sharing their journeys and helping others.

                2. sharing pieces of my own journey ..and where WIG concepts apply .. try and offer places for others to look to potentially gain traction in their own learning.

                Lately, it seems that with the Premium Site & Shawn broadening his base into GW and GolfWrx - much of the 'new student' questions are either in direct communication with Shawn & his team(s) - there is substantially less need for 'Job 1' .. and my 'Job 2' is not really fully WIG and hasn't been for some time.

                The challenge being that now - the conversations that we could potentially have to dynamically expand or reveal WIG insights have slowed .. and my specific journey is a bit oblique to WIG.. so what to do?

                like I said earlier, it's about finding a or some mission(s) that advance the thinking and perhaps our shared Wisdom..

                I can truthfully say - that my journey in no way would have happened without you .. so I feel a sense of not only wanting to sustain these important conversations .. but find avenues to build them into something we can continue to benefit from.

                more to follow..

                cheers for now

                from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
                tu nunquam hic

                Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs


                let energy instead of style define you.

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                  Hi guys,

                  ….building off what Ron and Kid are sharing....

                  Speaking for myself, I have always been a "responder" to questions?
                  I'd wager that, if it were still possible to even include the "old Forum" (...geez, I miss her...) that in order to count MY original posts, you'd narry have to take off your socks?

                  So, I'm still out here.... But with limited questions being posed, I find myself with little of substance to offer?

                  I'm a firm believer in our Chairman's original message:

                  GRAVITY....EXTERNAL FOCUS and Task, and "get OUT of the WAY"?
                  To ME, that message has not wavered.
                  Consequently, there are decreasing opportunities to proclaim with conviction, that the Sun will, in fact RISE in the EAST, yet again??

                  However, at the end of the day, I agree with Ron....

                  Every year, participation declines about this time...
                  When the SNOW comes and covers our individual uniquely hallowed grounds;
                  When we have limited alternative outlets upon which to vent our frustrations and questions.....

                  I will still be here.

                  I'm hoping to find many of my good friends willing to join me.

                  Love this place and you guys

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                    Is it possible that lots of people still come to read things here at the forum, but like me, don’t always sign in and/or post a lot? I view this place as one where I can learn and observe, and ask questions or post comments when needed.

                    That said, I do believe Premium and the other sites Shawn is partnered with now may have something to do with the lack of activity. There’s so much more content and places to receive answers now, and the quality of instruction and production is top notch as well. And let’s not forget many of us are fans of other sports too. The NFL has started and baseball is close to the playoffs, and those of us with little ones are sending them on the school bus and joining the PTA.

                    I think the WIG Disciples are still out here, we’re just scattered about and quietly going about the rest of
                    our busy lives too. It would be great if we all could come home again here to the forum. Maybe we can find a way, the core group is still here.


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                      I haven't been here for over a year cos things are going well on the golf course thanks to WIG. Constantly improving in spite of playing only once every 2nd weekend and zero time on the range. I do have a practice t in the basement which I think is a huge benefit to my swing and is responsible for my slow but sure improvements over time. The wig principles that I always use are braced tilt, hogan power move for good hip movement, "out of the way... out of the way", hitting to a "trapped" position, release to target. Combine all those into a "feel" in my practice swing before every shot. I pay close attention to how my arms travel and usually just toss them back with a nice pause at the top. Sounds crazy but it works. Shaved 10 strokes per round since starting wig 4 yrs ago, one club further in length. I'm getting to the point where I can almost play golf. A terrible round is in the 90's , a bad one is high 80s and a good one is low 80's. Should have broke 80 at least once this year if I could putt.