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a mission to grow the game in 2019

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  • a mission to grow the game in 2019

    or Sooner..

    Hi WIG Friends..

    had some 'windshield time' recently and had time to reflect on some positive things that I had done this year to share my enthusiasm for the great game and in my own small ways, help bring people in and get them started or re-engaged.

    I wish I had the resources to build a real 'Crackpot National' .. maybe one day I will .. but I can still move forward in its spirit.. the Plaque at its Hallowed Gates still reads 'Everyone Only'..

    Golf is ultimately a 'people's game' .. it was likely created by Shepherds .. a way of spending time together, enjoying time by oneself, or with others and with skills that had to be built over time ..

    What a great 'mission' it would be for all of us to just do some small things to grow this game - perhaps in isolation it might not be much, but like rain (falling from the sky at the speed of gravity) over a great area - it can do a lot to change the ground on which it falls.

    Maybe we can all be the change that we seek - and send Wisdom into the world in a way beyond what we've already done..

    Here's a small one - I have a set of Ping S57's that I was trying to find a home for - they're great clubs, but I've since moved on to Callaways.. I played a few weeks ago with a friend of a friend who is a great striker of the ball, but was playing much older Pings..

    Imagine his surprise when I sent him a text and asked him if he would like those clubs??

    His response - 'you don't want anything for them??"

    My reply - 'only the certainty that they have found a good home and will be enjoyed often'

    I've given informal lessons - and continue to help friends and family find proper paths for themselves in the game..

    Like I said, it's not much, but it's a beginning .. and it's the spirit I want to move forward in into 2019..

    I hope that it inspires you to find ways to do the same..

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

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