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Some Notes on 'out of the wayness'

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  • Some Notes on 'out of the wayness'

    HI WIG Friends..

    it's the end of 2018 or pretty close to - and with 2019 now so clearly in sight ..

    maybe a time to reflect on at least some of the context of WIG Philosophy and how it continues to evolve.

    a quick aside - as I've been working on my own swing journey, I noted periodically about things that were shared by Shawn that were more than proving themselves out .. this list isn't particularly important - but if one considers the hours of video instruction (much of it absolutely freely shared) and his various notes, writings and responses to all of us - we're lucky to have a great modern master instructor of the game give us such free access to his thinking..

    which leads me to>>>>>

    WIG Philosophy -

    at one point it was 'get out of the way' of heavy action to 'target' that we have 'as a picture'..

    and it seemed to work outward from there ..

    and really the Out of the Wayness became more about complete and free/unencumbered access to the target.

    seem right, or right enough?

    on reflection - what's impressive about Shawn, at least for purposes of this discussion..

    is how WIG continues to evolve..

    here's how...

    and we can dig out a few of the early videos ..and I'll stipulate to all of you that I'm likely stretching the point (a bad habit)..

    but in the early days of the forum - it was basically about a sort of Swing Method - which was also in the process of being defined. Basically a motion pattern that could give one a powerful swing, repeating and repeatable ..utilizing a clearing move and a heavy arm drop..

    in what we might consider the 'Proto-WIG' days - it was basically a swing that had a sort of 'if you do this, it will come' (to badly paraphrase Field of Dreams) and it's built around and will give you access to target.

    the 'North Star' (it being a Canadian Based Golf Swing) was that if you simply obeyed one of the key precepts or tenets of Gravity - 'get out of its way' power would find you or at least your golf swing.

    somewhere along the line as it became WIG ..

    it became more about Target Access and the 'out of the way' became open to other potential swing motion patterns..

    discussions became more 'levitate vs. place' 'different hammering concepts' 'multiple analogies that allowed for more people to access their respective 'out of the way analog'

    until it became more of a Philosophy about a task ..

    the task being complete unfettered action to target.

    the motion pattern(s) become less of a focus .. the results become the real currency in this new and still emerging era..

    I guess the first question I would pose ..

    is there only one right way to be out of the way?

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

    Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

    let energy instead of style define you.

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    And I would contend that there is only one right "Out of the way" for you and your swing task at hand being that each task is some what different in it's goal requirements.


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      Hi WIG Friends..

      I promise that at some point in this thread I will try and organize any resulting insights into some kind of coherent post .. maybe a summary post even.. the nature of any freeform bit of rambling and exposition is that one ends up playing a lot of shots from the 'conversational rough' ..

      here's a quick 'hit' from last night and this morning..

      maybe it's nothing that even exists in your swinging or thinking but it did in mine ..

      I'll tag it as ..

      'resisting the pivot' ..

      the contrast I would draw is that in my legacy positional thinking and training (pretty baked in after many years!) is that with positions - in order for me at least to have a sense of where I was with my swing .. is that I would have a sort of resistance (body resistance) so that I could distinguish to myself the sequence.

      reading that back - I apologize for the fractured and confused syntax .. maybe a visual .. Imagine if I had a deck of playing cards and was flipping through them .. in order to fully perceive a sequence of them .. I would have to put a sort of stress on each to make them readable to my vision and perception..

      even though my swing is actually working pretty good - and 2018 even with limited play was probably one of my more consistent ball striking years .. I'm trying to continue to work and find ways to 'get better' ..

      an opportunity for 'out of the wayness' .. regardless in this case of the various sequence variations/permutations that might and do exist..

      and this is key in WIG philosophy - which is more than WIG swing sequence/methodology ..

      is that if you can make the mental and trust jump into a free flowing pivot .. you can find the resulting effortless whipping of the club..

      a contrast I would draw is that I seem to be moving mentally from a state of

      "is that right, is that right??"


      the beginnings of a trusted and triggered sequence..

      that might even qualify as some sort of legit internal and external progress..

      the upshot of all of this .. is that you might have some sort of equivalent internal or mental modelling going on in your mind as well .. it might be doing you some measure of good ..and it might also be holding you back..

      my suspicion is these are the sorts of things that are actually 'in the way' ..

      and for 2019.. please find ways to continue to build the game where you are.. 'all golf is local'


      from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
      tu nunquam hic

      Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

      let energy instead of style define you.

      Proud Member 'Quote Yourself Club'


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        Hi guys,

        I would second Ken's contention.

        Just as there is no "right" way to avoid being hit by the high-inside-cheese, there is no "right" way to get-out-of-the way of an ACU swinging in a desired direction?

        MY "out-of-the-way" is going to be different from YOUR "out-of-the-way"...

        MY "out-of-the-way" for a Fade is apt to be different from MY "out-of-the-way" for a Draw...

        The ACU needs to be swinging in a specific direction to match up to the shot-intention (picture)
        Here it comes (down)….It's attached TO you at the shoulder-joint... What do you do to allow it to continue on it necessary path?


        What moves first is between you and your sub-conscious, instinctive, reflexive mind.
        If it has a clear image of the task, it'll take care of things nicely.....IF you LET it!

        Have you ever been in a near-miss automobile would-be accident?
        In your attempt to avoid the collision, what moved FIRST?
        Did you turn the wheel or move your foot towards the brake pedal?

        You don't KNOW? Of course you don't. And I'll wager that you don't CARE either...

        I've said it before on this Forum and I'll say it again here:

        "Get-Out-of-the-Way" is the singularly most BRILLIANT concept in the history of golf-instruction concepts.
        We ALL (instinctively) know HOW to do it. The details do not matter.
        Just maintain your connection to your intention and ALLOW it to happen. It will.

        Sometimes, each of us has to learn how to get out of the way of our own selves.

        Love this place and you guys

        dude abides
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