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Happy "Pi"-day everyone!

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  • Happy "Pi"-day everyone!

    Just an annual oddity for the geek-members of Crackpot National...

    Today is March 14... or mathematically expressed as 3/14...

    The value of irrational number known as "Pi" is (so far) to over 22 trillion decimal places...

    March 14 also happens to be the celebration of the BIRTH of Albert Einstein....


    the DEATH of Stephen Hawking...

    arguably two of the greatest minds in the history of mathematics (physics)

    Love this place and you guys

    dude abides
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    Hi Dude

    glad that we can celebrate this important day together - there is nothing better than enjoying 22 Trillion Decimal places .. probably as close as I'll ever get to infinity.. at least on this sphere of existence.

    in keeping with your inclusion of some of the greatest human minds of all time in your celebration - here's a bit of thinking from Euler .. which has a bit of Pi in it.. and who doesn't love Pi?

    we get closer to a sense of an equation that describes something emerging our of 'nothing' ..

    where lines meet circles there are arcs..

    reminds me of the Great Game somehow..

    ah - I can see we've just found my ball..let me see if I can get it somewhere near the hole..

    cheers for now

    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
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