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My Scores This Year Without Practicing At Range

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  • Schrodinger
    82 today . My external focus was really in the zone off the tee and I looked at a particular tree top in the distance and imagined what sort of trajectory I needed. I then used the old Tiger Wood mental trick of saying 'Click' (like a camera) to keep the image and intent in my head and just swung to match that picture - worked wonders .

    90 today 3rd Sept . A disappointing 9 on the 18th par 5 . Driver veered off left in the high crosswind into a hazard - I dropped out badly (left a tree branch in the way of my backswing). 4 iron too handsy (because of the branch) and drew to the left hitting a mound and bounced further left into the hazard again , dropped out again , 8 iron drew left in the wind again into a bunker, 4 shots from there to hole it.

    I call the events of hole 18 a 'snowball effect' where one bad shot leads to another. Its really a loss of focus where your frustrations take over and you make all the wrong decisions. Really drove well again for most of the holes and hit 2 birdies today (a plus for me).

    93 today 10th Sept - Had a 12 footer for a birdie on the 1st - 3 putted
    Hit a perfect drive on a par 4 to within 50 yards of the flag but shanked my pitch (too much sway of my upper body towards the target) and it ended up 6 inches behind a tree trunk (no direct route to green) - took a 7
    2 x 8's destroyed my score in the last 9 . Both were wayward drives into the trees - found the ball each time and decided I could hack it out - snowball effect again as I kept duffing each shot into worst positions and took 3 to just get it back into the fairway rough. The 2nd drive was solidly struck and long , just poor alignment.

    The only positives from the round were :
    1. 270 yd drive off the tee that nearly made the green (276 yard par 4).
    2. Found a new technique for my chipping and putting from 15th hole onwards that seemed to work very well (used my physics background to make sense of this action and it worked). Jury out until I monitor its success for a few more rounds.

    85 today 17th Sept
    Missed 2 easy birdies and one wayward 7 iron on a par 3 that only just bounced into a pond. Driving was really solid and more acurate than norm basically because I did one simple change in my setup (just lifted my chin up which allowed me to make a more centred rotary turn)

    Chipping and short pitching improved by about 60% mainly using a 7 iron and my new technique.

    Putting was awful and I just cannot read the line or master distance control - I think putting is more about better judgement due to experience than anything else.
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  • Schrodinger
    I'll ask my playing partner next time but he hasn't beaten me for some time so I doubt he will be as gracious.

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  • kid_fullerene
    Originally posted by COSTA103 View Post
    Moved.. and seconded..

    it would appear that the motion carries..

    keep swinging my friends..



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  • COSTA103
    commented on 's reply

  • Schrodinger
    89 yesterday

    Missed 2 birdie opportunities , poor bunker shot (left it in the sand), great 9 iron , going straight at the flag but wrong club for distance and put in a lake. Driving direction a bit iffy today and didn't hit too many fairways (mind you pros only hit fairways 50% of the time). Putting mediocre although chipping better (stopped using PW and mainly used 8 irons and chip like you putt technique).

    Distance control is really the cause of most of my golfing ills and it's mainly intuitive judgement about how the ball will react to the momentum of my 'clubhead/clubface' intent. It affects every other aspect of my game apart from driving (where my intent is as much clubhead speed and distance as possible without strain to target).

    That intuitive judgement is based on my 'on course' experience more than anything else (different lies , environmental conditions , etc).

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  • Schrodinger
    91 today

    3 amazingly bad holes by 5 wayward strikes (snowball effect again)
    2 fat chips just off the par 3 green (took 6) .
    1 poor 5 -iron where I stalled my left arm and flipped the clubface and ball left under some trees but the ball was against a broken branch on the ground . Moved the branch but the ball toppled over a few inches (penalty stroke) - took 8 on a par 5 .
    2 fat short irons on a par 5 - took 7.

    One thing I've noticed is my scores started to creep up week by week when I changed from a baseball to a Vardon grip. I was experimenting whether I could improve my distance by making my wrists more passive and more responsive to the physics of release (limiting any active wrist torque which golf instruction theoretically claims can happen if they are not 'unified').

    But I've noticed tendonitis in my lead wrist for the last few weeks which I've never experienced before (note I was previously using a baseball grip for over 5 years) so changed back to baseball grip after the first 10 holes today and subsequently had 5 pars out of the last 8 holes.

    It seems that I can keep my club on plane in both the backswing and forward swing better with my right hand using a baseball grip and also brace it better through impact , especially for non-centre clubface strikes (no pain in my left wrist today and that's a relief).

    For me personally , it looks like the baseball grip fits my swing action and the proof is my better scoring with less pain.
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  • Schrodinger
    started a topic My Scores This Year Without Practicing At Range

    My Scores This Year Without Practicing At Range

    So here they are so far:
    85, 87 ,89, 86, 90

    Yesterday's 90 was all about lack of focus
    Triple bogey on a par 3 for goodness sake - completely lazy about teeing the ball up on a peg, didn't do any perpetual swings to judge proper ball position and then tried to guide my club at the ball . Completely fat shot , club bounced off the turf and I thinned it low near some bushes. Hacked it out into open ground and then thinned my wedge over the green- lucky to get a 6 .

    Then another triple bogey on a par 4 . Drive was about 250 yards , approach iron left ball about 50 yds from the green but needed to pitch over some bunkers. Decided on an 8 iron but all I could picture was going into the bunker and hey presto a perfect thin shot into the bunker. 1 stroke and just got it out of the bunker , then 3 putts.

    2 birdie chances from 2ft missed .

    Shows how a score can snowball with poor focus and just a few bad shots.
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