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Happy New Year

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  • Happy New Year

    Hi WIG Friends..

    New Day, New Month, New Year and New Decade..

    you can't say that the slate isn't wiped thoroughly clean - 2020 is here at last.

    Old Commitments reviewed and either freshened or or abandoned and new ones considered and potentially becoming resolutions..

    So here we are ..

    while we can potentially enjoy this game with friends - to a large degree, this great game is a solitary pursuit and it takes more than a fair share of fortitude to do the work to be able to play the game with any kind of confidence.

    what's that saying, 'the game can only be played, it can never be won' -

    with that - I wish all of you and the dear ones in your lives the very best for the new 'roaring' '20's' ..

    hope the next 3650 days bring many good things to your lives and to your golf..

    find your swing if you need to and then swing your swing..

    cheers for now


    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

    Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

    let energy instead of style define you.

    Proud Member 'Quote Yourself Club'

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    So many ways and teachings.

    A la Moe Norman

    A la Malaska

    A la gravity golf

    A la Marcus Bell

    A la Fred Astaire

    A la Target Oriented Golf

    A la Shawn Clement

    A la Darell Klassen

    A la Eddie Merrins

    Endless! May you find your way. All the best for 2020.

    Noticed all my blogs and most of my posts are gone on the forum. Strange. Looks like I've been erased.


    • kid_fullerene
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      Hi Ferko - glad to see you back on the boards, I'll check my Blogs, most of my posts are still up, I know that Cally had been erasing some of his stuff and had mentioned in the past that some of his stuff over and above that seemed to be missing.. so not clear if there was some 'cleaning up' being done or just some garden variety data loss ??

      The best to you in 2020~


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    Originally posted by Ferko View Post
    So many ways and teachings. Endless! May you find your way. All the best for 2020.

    Noticed all my blogs and most of my posts are gone on the forum. Strange. Looks like I've been erased.
    Hi Ferko,

    Yes, it is strange! About 6 months ago or so I noticed that a number of my posts were missing. I wondered if it was just mine that were gone. So I checked a few of the other members on the Forum and I noticed that others, including you, had missing posts too. I know you had hundreds of posts, and now they are gone. I don't know what happened to all these posts. I also noticed, at least in one case, that an entire thread went missing. Very strange!

    As for me, I'm not on the Forum that often anymore, and about 2 months ago I decided to delete my old posts as I didn't want them sitting out there on the WWW in perpetuity. I was only able to delete my posts, but not threads that I had started. I never had any blogs on the Forum.

    Anyway, regarding "so many ways and teachings" I agree with you . . . it is "endless!"

    Perhaps if we can just get it down to these "secrets of golf that the pros know" then we will finally have found our way . . .

    Happy New Year to all!


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      Managed to republish my blogs on Blogger (had a copy in Google Docs). Lost some materials I posted directly as messages on the forum as well as my vlog (more than a year of practice sessions). Such is life in the digital world!

      aerial or grounded - how the way you walk impacts your golf swing
      aerial or grounded - tests to figure it out
      mobile point and how it impacts your golf swing
      verticality / horizontality in the golf swing


      • kid_fullerene
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        that is great news Ferko - glad to have it back!