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Dealing with the frequent temper tantrum player?

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  • Dealing with the frequent temper tantrum player?

    We all get frustrated at times golfing, it's part of the game. And I get the occasional foul word or two after a bad shot. But what do you do or say with the guy that blows up nearly every third time he plays. And by blow up I mean an outburst of the most foul language and clubs go flying and then you can't even talk to him for like 2 holes afterwards, which makes it awkward for all To make it worse his effort on the course goes to zero after the outburst so playing any kind of side game let alone a team game is totally out and if we do the guy who is his partner is totally screwed!
    What do you do with guys like this???

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    It's not just in the golf game as far as I'm concerned, but in every game it happens. But you should not get upset and stop playing because it is not a reason. I also met strange players in the game Sorare, but also met and good players. We exchanged cards with them. And when I needed rare cards I used Sorare Bonus and got them. In general, the game is interesting.
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