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How Course Conditions Affect Value?

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  • How Course Conditions Affect Value?

    Now let’s make one thing clear, when referring to the benefits and value that a golf course brings to a community, we’re referring to a well maintained, thriving golf course. Unfortunately, some golf courses fall into disrepair, be it through mismanagement, lack of resources, or neglect. This begins a domino effect, in which these poor course conditions encourage pests, crime, litter, and inevitably decrease property values. A once coveted home in a golf community can drop in value as much as 50% in the first week of a golf course closing.

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    According to a research conducted by the National Recreation and Parks Association, properties that have a view of a golf course, even if they are not part of the golf community, have property values that are 15-30 percent higher. Although the exact value of your home cannot be forecast, golf course communities have seen an annual gain in value of roughly 7% on average.For those who own a community with a golf course or own the course itself, invest mercilessly in your golf maintenance program and trust in your members to support you. A good course is one which gives as much as It can, and a good golf community knows when to give back.