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    Hi mross62; I watched your links, and the teachings there paint my setup (which I must stay in for my WIG swing). I learned it in a draw setup, as a lefty who golfs righty - it felt stronger to go thru the ball out to a target this way and now I believe I will stick with it in majority of the time.

    Venetos is saying to close the shoulders over the hips more in promoting momentum of the arms with club swinging out in a draw. Play thru your left side. It has been fine for me with Shawn's teachings, but I am also left-eye dominant. I can turn my head back like Nicklaus, and see the blur of the club thru the ball area ok still behind the ball, shoulders aimed more out right.

    Where I sabotage my game is when the shot direction screams for a fade. As soon as I try them in the irons, my day on the course hits a huge snag, and I can take a couple of holes to get back my normal and powerful feeling swing. Terrible shots with irons in a fade setup. It is ok in my hybrids (I play 18-21-25), not good in a driver swing.



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      Originally posted by Shawn Clement
      From what I see in the set up of Diesel, you are still too open to hit the draws; did you see the "dominant lead hand shawn clement" video?
      Golf tips • instruction • lessons • http://www.wisdomingolf.comLearn how important the lead hand is in the swing! Perfect for the golfer playing right hande...
      Hi WIG Friends..

      been following along on your journey Diesel...and I admire your dedication and athletic skill..

      watched your latest with great interest and wanted to put the Chairman's observations back on the 'front burner'

      again - I'm many hundreds of miles from you and relying on video and its resulting angles and whatnot...

      but I, for the life of me, can see no other way for you to hit any shot other than a fairly righteous block out of your setup shown in those videos..

      everything looks like it's setup to the right of your target line shown in that front aim stick..

      if you are able to consistently hit a draw from there..I would be worried about what it just did to your swing in my mind it would very much be an over the top pull...

      Shawn has done any number of videos on hitting a wide variety of shots..but one of his first is very brief and very clear in terms of its basic premise..

      it's far from the 'last word' on this subject..but being the first..he presents the kernel of the idea of what would become WIG in about 4 minutes..

      might be good to review and compare what you think you're doing vs. what you are doing in terms of visualizing the target line..aiming and setting up..


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        Hi guys,

        Far be it for me to challenge the wisdom of our Chairman?

        But it would appear that THIS video is reflective of that to which some would refer to as the "OLD ball flight laws"?

        If my understanding is correct, the ball LEAVES the clubface (primarily) in the direction that the clubFACE is pointing (at IMPACT)?

        Therefore, IF we set up (as our Chairman is indicating in THIS video) with our clubFACE aimed AT our TARGET?
        Then the ball will START AT our target and curve AWAY from our target???

        Our Chairman has accurately represented what Mr. Nicklaus presented in his GOLF MY WAY material.
        I, too followed that tutorial and spent the better part of FORTY years failing to effectively draw/fade the ball around obstacles.
        I continued to send the ball INTO the obstacle because that's where my clubFACE was POINTING?

        Alpineberlinette (Markus) authored a brilliant discussion on the NEW ball-flight-laws on the old Forum.
        When/(if) we get access to that material back, I'll try and locate it and present it here.

        Love'ya Mr. Chairman, but have I mis-HEARD you in this video?
        Or has technology rendered the specifics a bit outdated?

        Love this place and you guys

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          Hi Dude..Greetings WIG Friends..

          here's one from 3 years ago ..which is a bit more complete..

          he starts describing the notion of aligning momentum at about 2.30 in this video..

          he then references Draw/Fade parts 1/2/3 in a comment response from 2 years ago..

          key concepts come back to ball position it relates to shot choice..

          I'll leave the BFLs new and old to the subject matter experts..of which I am not

          cheers for now

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            Thanks guys. I started to stand maybe too far right of the target because I was really trying to emphasize a draw. I'll make sure to stand parallel for next video and see how that works. My pro buddy is going to do a range session with me this week. He doesn't like how the other pro flattened me out and wants me more upright. Hahaha, down the rabbit hole we go!


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              I participated in a game today and, although my performance was subpar, I still enjoyed it. The weather was fantastic. Moreover, I'm eager to seize any advantage I can, and today, a pair of sandals arrived in the mail. Interestingly, these shoes have lower heels than toes, which might potentially assist in mitigating early extension issues. I plan to test them out later this week!