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  • Alpine Berlinette is gone

    We decided after 20 years to sell our Oldtimer, which was responsible for my nick name. I had an offer, I couldn't resist. With all that money, I am already considering to purchase a Honma set with a 7 star shaft, which they have to develop for me, today their shaft range ends with 5 stars.
    Lucky that Shawn had the opportunity in summer to squeeze his body into that tiny car.
    If you agree, I will keep my nick anyhow.

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    Hi guys,

    Marcus, KEEP the name!
    If, for lack of a BETTER reason, it may just help remind you of "...that tiny car..."

    And, IF you need an even BETTER reason?

    I'm having enough trouble getting my head around and contemplating this "Cally" guy under an assumed name....
    How else will I be able to remember that YOU are near the TOP of the list of contributors to this Forum worth listening to?

    Whatever you decide, the name-plate on your locker at Crackpot National Golf and CC will forever read "Alpineberlinette".

    Love this place and you guys

    dude abides
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      I enjoyed seeing that primo and superb MP-33 1 iron you gave to Shawn last year just recently here in Phoenix! Probably the best of their MP line ever made, but many fellas over on the Golf Wrx site think the current MP-4 is a close rival. I kept my MP-32s for 8 season now, putting in UST Mamiya Recoils F4 125 to make an easy on the old body range set.

      Your gonna love the Honmas, forged in Japan. I put some into play this past May, the TW 727m with Nippon Modus 125 shafts.

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        Honma was a joke. I have the old blades 707 with steel shaft from them, that's enough. The Honma high end graphite shafts are extremely expensive.
        Congratulation to the Mamiya. I was fittet last year to F4, but only with 85g. Honeymoon was fine, but I have issues to find the ball. A heavier steelfiber seems to fit better for me.
        But the feel of the UST Mamiya is superb.
        Maybe I simply have the wrong shaft weight with them.


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          Congratulations Markus! And yes, what would the forum be without the Alpine name in it? Would be weird! .
          Phoenix is beautiful, I could get used to being here; in the winter anyways!


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            Varoooom... Varooom... Keep the Alpine moniker!