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  • Trying to get back to it.

    Hello all WIG friends, I haven't been here on the forum for a long time due to my wife's illness. In March she had a mini stroke and since she has suffered seizures daily. She hasn't bee able to drive or work and it's took it's toll on the golf game, however since weather is cooling down some I have been able to get out for a couple of rounds and to the range close to home. We are heading to Duke University Medical Center in the next week to see the doctors there with some hope of a diagnosis and treatment. When I went to the range yesterday I just had a great moment that just seemed to connect another dot in my WIG swing, it was the head position behind the ball, 20/20 and what a difference it made! A whole new feeling, I felt great compression of the ball and could actually fell like I could make the ball go to the target better than ever before, it's just good to stop bye and check in. Keep us in prayers and thoughts fellow WIG golfers. 😀

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    Originally posted by Gregman55 View Post
    Keep us in prayers and thoughts fellow WIG golfers.
    You got it Gman . . . thoughts and prayers are with you!


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      Originally posted by Cally View Post

      You got it Gman . . . thoughts and prayers are with you!
      right with you Cally - well said!

      the great news Gman, is that medicine has made tremendous progress with being able to treat these very serious and your Mrs. have room for a great deal of hope that things can and will get better - and golf is a great refuge from all those things in life that require a bit of refuge.. Glad that your 'new look' swing gave you the results you've been working so hard to enjoy.

      good luck - and I know the support of this board has helped me through some rough times..and it's here for you as well..


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        All the best.


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          Thoughts with you and your wife. x


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            Prayers and thoughts for you and your wife, Gregman55.


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              Best wishes to you and your wife Gregman55.

              With regards the 20/20 , I found that when I did the braced tilt , I was almost in the 20 head tilt position automatically , so was actually overdoing the tilt with my head a bit before (or after) I did my swivel 20.