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  • Strong Grip Delayed Release

    Since I've been going down several rabbit holes lately (the darn things keep branching off!) I've starting to re-examine grip and release. In several videos Shawn describes the release as the lead side hand rotating under as the anatomy releases towards the target. For the longest time I had struggled with feeling the actual sensation of the release when I realized that I was missing it because it was occurring very late. Once I started paying more attention to it I found where I felt my hands/anatomy release was way, way to the left of the intended target (I'm a righty). So I began to think about why this is happening.

    Throwing clubs I had a couple of leftward tosses but after a few I am able to get clubs consistently on-line or slightly right. So this puzzled me even further. So I went back to the PMD with a focus on awareness of the release and I found that if i take my regular, strong grip I get the delayed release of the anatomy. Don't know why but that is a riddle for another day. So out of curiosity I took a much more neutral grip (one to one and a half knuckles) and found that I felt the snap/release much more inline with the target.

    I know Shawn is a strong advocate for the "strong" grip to promote compression through impact but for whatever reason it seems to signal something in my CNS to "hold off".