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Grip strenght for backhanders and how the put pressure

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  • Grip strenght for backhanders and how the put pressure


    I struggle a bit with grip... or let's say I haven't found my ideal grip yet.
    Shawn always talks about strong grip, but in the video below (1:00-1:20) he says that players with dominant hand in front can play with weaker grips (Hogan, Spieth). I play lefty but I'm right handed and with very strong grip I hook easily. Has he made other videos where he talks about that? I know it's about finding what works for me, but my instincts might be wrong.

    Another problem with my grip is that sometimes I let go of the club. I know I shouldn't, but how do you actually put pressure to the handle? If I use the top 3 fingers of top hand, the grip gets loose and moves away from the heel pad causing disasters. Should I try to actively push the thumb to the grip (now it's just resting on top) or just hold tighter with those three fingers or something else? Or do you some tips to try? I think my lower hand grip is ok and I got the "knife the grip" idea.

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    Try this one.


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      One thing that seems to help me with letting go of the club with upper hand is to pay attention to the thumb of the upper hand. If I remember to press the "root" of the thumb or the whole thumb to the shaft, I seem not to let it go. I think I have had too much the tip of the thumb on the shaft. So far I have tried this only just swinging at home without hitting any balls and I have to get to indoor range to try this.


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        G'morning golfers. While flipping through you tube ( TV for those blessed with a very short attention span Is the long name) I came across a video by Clay Ballard. He was espousing using the lower hand as a guide rather than a grip. Now I was always told that that too much Lower hand (in my case right) is causing my bouts with smothered hooks) so it caught my interest. I went out back and took a few swings employing my normal strong top hand grip, but I aligned my bottom hand in the approved knifing position only curling my fingers lightly rather than choking the grip. The only difference I noted was a feeling of less control however Shawn says thats a good thing. I'll be at the range to give it a real (with a ball ) try when it warms up a little. I will edit this with results.

        So far , so good. Top hand tight, bottom hand light guide. Working in a slower change in direction to down swing with an accompanying feeling of dropping in to a flatter swing. This all seems to work best when I lift the front heel to get a complete back swing. Other wise I can't feel what I'm looking for and the results are less of a smooth swing and more like a hit. Time will tell.
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