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WIG grip vs. Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons Grip

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  • WIG grip vs. Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons Grip

    Is the grip Shawn teaches the same as Ben Hogan's method in his Five Lessons book? I'm struggling to feel the release towards my target and trying to pinpoint the issue.

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    Hi Bull,

    Review all the grip videos by Shawn. Not sure if Hogan's grip teachings are the same.

    These videos might help your release.

    Your Release issues might not be a result of your grip.


    • Ron I
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      Gary your vbulletin has everything that needs to be said about the grip...except the Calley posted! Well done !

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    Thanks for the video links, Gary. I'm not blaming my lack of feeling the release on the grip. Just want to make sure it is solid as I try to troubleshoot the release.


    • Gary
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      Got it, glad to be of help to you.

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    Originally posted by bull View Post
    Is the grip Shawn teaches the same as Ben Hogan's method in his Five Lessons book? I'm struggling to feel the release towards my target and trying to pinpoint the issue.
    Hi Bull,

    Here's some more food for thought, and just to emphasize and add on to what Gary gave you with the grip videos and notes, besides how you physically clamp your hands on the club, think also of the dynamic grip/clubface relationship that you need for a particular shot. Many say that Ben Hogan had a weak grip (or at least a neutral grip) whereas Shawn advocates a strong grip. That said, we want the proper dynamic grip/clubface relationship that we need as an individual for a particular shot (draw or fade) that allows us to collect the ball and release it out toward the target.

    So it's possible that one reason you're struggling to feel the release toward your target is that your grip/clubface relationship simply isn't matching up with the shot you're attempting, and this is preventing you from having the collect it here and release it out there toward the target feeling. Like Shawn shows in his "Pure Strike" videos (included in Gary's Grip Blog link) the next time you have a chance at the range, I would suggest experimenting with different degrees of closing the clubface at address, even to what may look like (at static address) and seem to you to be an extreme amount of closing the clubface, and then pick a specific target; release out to that target; and see what happens. You may be surprised at what you find!

    And speaking of Ben Hogan, I thought I would put this video in here where Shawn talks about Mr. Hogan's "real secret" which was all about the target, with a very specific starting point and a very specific ending point . . .

    Also, I just thought I would put this newer (2016) Shawn grip video in here too that's not yet in Gary's Grip Blog since his last edit . . .

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks Ron for your suggestion. Just edited the Grip Blog. The video link of the new Grip video is there now, but I will improve the link this weekend once I can get on my Windows 10 computer. Also, included Cally's reply to Bull about Ben Hogan's Grip.


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        Once again, thank you all for your valuable input. I believe I have pinpointed the issue as being my interpretation of throwing the club towards the target. Throwing the club with my right hand only helped me feel how that throw should occur. I hit a few balls in the yard with my 58 degree and was hitting them on line about 60-65 yards using an above the wobble point swing (this is what I felt, could have been a bit harder swing). While I was hitting those I was able to feel the release towards the target. I'll take this swing thought to the course with me this weekend and see how it turns out with all clubs.

        Cally, my normal setup with a draw starts with me addressing the ball with the clubface about 30-35 degrees closed and then I get behind the ball. My fade setup is about 10 degrees closed with the ball just in front of the center of my stance. Am I correct in thinking that Shawn's grip only becomes strong as he gets behind the ball. When this happens his club face looks more square as he gets ready to hammer through. Take a look at the "The Hammer Drill" video here beginning at the 2 minute mark.
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        • Cally
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          Yes, you've got it Bull. In that 'Hammer Drill' video Shawn initially has a neutral grip with a closed clubface at address, and then he rotates his forearms so that it becomes a strong grip, and the clubface then appears more square at address. If you want to see more on this, Shawn shows this same thing in his 'Weak or Strong Grip' and 'Drive that Nail' videos (among others).