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    Hello, I signed up for the subscription last night and I really like the videos and concepts. Today I went to the range to apply some concepts. Afterwards my right forearm is sore. Don't know if it's the grips or I digged more than usual.

    A little bit about myself, I am a mix of both left hand and right handed. Golf HC at currently 18.4. I swing left handed, eat left handed, shoot a gun right handed, write right handed. Also prior to subscribing, the PGA superstore suggested I put 8 layers of tape on the bottom hand (LH) to reduce pushing which makes the bottom feel like a midsize grip on a regular size grip.

    While applying Wisdom golf concepts, I am seeing more of a push than a slice. Makes me wonder if the bottom hand cannot properly release due to the larger size. Should I go back and redo do my grips to a regular size without any modifications (taping).

    Many thanks!

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    I found this comment made on this Forum by one of our members.

    "Because the firmness with which you grip the club will vary to match your intent, Shawn recommends that you take several different sizes at the grip display in the store and find the one you can squeeze the hardest. Do this with several different sizes, and one will feel better than the others when you "squeeze the guts out of Tweetie." That is the size you want.

    Shawn also says that the old idea that grips that are too large cause you to slice, or too small cause you to hook, is rubbish.

    Shawn has pretty large hands and uses a fairly small grip because its the one he can squeeze the best."


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      Thank you for the share. I'll try that.