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  • Hips breakthrough ??

    Hi Guys,

    Havent posted for a while and playing standard stuff 8-12 over.

    Still not made the leap to low singles.

    Still suffering from early extention.

    Anyway I was on youtube and came across a pro v ams video that id like people to comment on and if possible post a video that Shawn basically comments on the pivot.

    i'll post the pro v ams video atfer this post but basically they are saying I have my hip intent wrong.

    They give a crystal clear anagoly that they call the 'wrench action'. this is where you take your right hip back in the backswing swing and pivot around it and then shift and pivot around your left hip in the down swing. They state and i can see that this leads to early extention. This is exactly describing my understanding of the pivot and ill be delighted if im wrong.

    So they showed the tracking pivot of 5 major winners and they dont have this hip action. they have a move to target and like a right side door shut. It doesnt seem to be driven from left side at all. (im not sure about this).

    Anyway im 100% crystal clear on the problem pivot but not quite sure what they are replacing it with. They seem to tell their student to get there by trial and error. Has Shawn got a better description of what the correct action is???

    Anyway im excited. A clear answer of what not to do is almost as good as finding out what to do.

    Please consider this guys and report back. Im sure this will help many who have the issue i have and have had for many many years.

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    First let me preface what I'm going to say with this. You can only get your body to do now with what it is physically and nuerologically capable of doing at the moment!!! Most of all the videos that we watch to find the magic move comes from golfers that have spent time and repetition to get their bodies to perform in that manner. So if your body is not currently able to get to these new positions it will take much longer to feel comfortable trying these movements out. Now Shawn has an old video somewhere called the "Hogan power move" I believe it is called and does the same movement against a window or mirror. Combine this video with all of Shawn's "football" videos and you are well on your way to fixing your issues. If you do not have a window or mirror to use you can use this as a great "feel" device. Take a drive way alignment rod or similar item. Place it in the ground as vertical as possible. take your golf stance such that the rod is placed in your butt crack with just a slight bit of contact pressure, As you perform your Hogan power mover feel that you are increasing that pressure on the rod by pushing the center of your pelvis back into it and maintaining that pressure all the way through impact. This should give you a great "feel" of what you are trying to do.


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      there is no chance my body is not 'able to get into those positions'.

      I have tried many many times to physically stay back in the swing but it is something more and I think this may be it.

      Ill watch the hogan power move with a fresh pair of eyes and see if its this.

      i have no physical or neurological issues that will prevent me swinging properly. not as flexible as rory or as strong as tiger but im fine.

      Ill look at the video. many thanks.