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    Dang!!! More data going (found by Schrod) against me as a lefty golfing righty. My math shows that about 65% of the Speed Production below is coming from that right arm. At least, in adapting more golf into my life than 2-3 rounds a year starting in around 2008 I went with a full 10 finger grip.

    By doing that, I felt a better unified effort of ACU (I wasn't using WIG techniques then) as my less dominant right arm just was too much of a trailer or ride-along.

    The numbers could vary for some - I suspect in compensation that I get more than a 20% factor from my centripetal force and left arm.

    "This is what I found about the ratios of Clubhead Speed Production (not sure if 100% correct)

    The body is a stabilizer and contributes approximately 10%.
    The right triceps contribute approximately 30%.
    Centripetal (NOT centrifugal) force of the body and left arm contributes approximately 20%.
    Right forearm extension and rotation (pronation) contributes approximately 35%.
    Left forearm rotation (supination) contributes approximately 5%."



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      Sorry Avguy . Yes all the info I read seem to be applicable for golfers playing right handed and must admit that it can be quite confusing.

      I think the above percentages can vary somewhat.

      This video sort of helps prove the point.

      Although it looks like he didn't use much energy to hit with his arms to get that 75 mph speed , to get it to increase to 110 mph would require a lot more energy and power which is why we need to use all sorts of other energy/power sources such as ground and G-forces.

      PS. I'm also a lefty who plays righty
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        I like this 3-D video too as it shows how active the legs and hips have to be to get out of the way. This is really cool techno stuff .


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          I like using my hips in WIG to the max range as possible purely for a comfort factor. The oily and loose swing I am using here vs. my very compact 3/4 vertical swing I used as a Trahan PPGS is way different a sensation - feels less suspect to my high-strung normal golf course stress.

          With that, I am pretty confident I could bust out the clubhead speed quite bit more using my arms even more again. Not quite there in that tinker mode, but here is a video by Monte whom is a regular contributor to Golf WRX (congrads to Shawn for going on there!) Using hips for speed vs. not. Only a 10mph drop with knee swing.

          BTW, many WRX posters over the years say that most of what Monte is teaching aligns with Shawn pretty well.



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            Here's another piece where Monte is being interviewed on several topics.....Please cue up to the 7:05 min. mark where a viewer Q comes in about "concrete" no-turn hips. There's about a two minute Answer session with the BBG guy and him that fully supports our WIG view on complete turn back and through the golf ball swing.



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              Great videos - must admit that I do like Monte because he has great communication skills just like Shawn.

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            Hi guys,

            Thanks, av! I enjoyed the ENTIRE video!

            Towards the end of the video, Monty pretty much summed up MY "philosophy" of golf....

            "...put the ball in the right position, get your set-up correct, make a good golf-swing and let the ball get in the way..."

            For me? Words to live by.
            Makes me recall Mr. Nicklaus in his Golf My Way material from the early days.... Make the SAME swing with EVERY club!

            love this place and you guys

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              I think I have found the biggest fault in my swing and its definitely the loss/retention of my pelvic tilt in the backswing . With the help of that 'Shaun Webb 3-D motion' video coupled with Shawn's Hogan Power Move video below , its such an obvious error that I've been habitually doing.

              Look at Shawn's belt buckle and crease of his trousers in front of his right upper thigh above the pocket area at 3:27 in the end of his backswing. He retains that crease in the forward swing as he squares his hips which means he has still retained pelvic tilt (with the belt buckle still pointing towards the ball target line).

              Its almost as if he is squashing something between the right side of his pelvic bone and his hip joint and retaining that 'squashed' feeling as he squares his hips in response to the forward swing.

              I've been testing it out and everything seems to be falling into place automatically for the rest of my swing.

              I think I have been doing the Hogan Power Move incorrectly by pushing the handkerchief more upwards than towards the target as per Shawns follow-up video below at 2:50.

              I have taken Shawn's statement of tracing a letter N far too literally if you get what I mean . It should be a very 'squashed' letter N to the right (from a face-on view) and the vertical up movement should not be a active motion but a reaction to the turning hip towards the target and allowing the extension to happen 'WITHOUT LOSING YOUR PELVIC TILT'