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My Driver Swing and 7 Iron Swing. Hope my WIG friends get a chance to comment.

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  • My Driver Swing and 7 Iron Swing. Hope my WIG friends get a chance to comment.

    On both swings they are straight away shots as im not trying to shape them.

    Ok Some stats from the trackman thing.
    Path pretty much great club path. It gave a diagram rather than numbers. Looked bang on! club slightly from inside and nice looking path through contact.
    Driver was hit 265 yards with 255 carry.
    Clubhead speed was 105mph.

    Been many years since I filmed my swing. Many things surprised me.

    I seem to have a lag takeaway. Cant quite believe it to be honest. Never in a million years did I think I did this. Bobby Jones would have liked it hahaha.
    I route under then over. Quite surprised at this also. Probably too many Sam Snead videos haha. Still I dont get OTT and drop down ok.
    Im a lot more compact than I thought I was. Doesnt have the pretty look of high hands in backswing. I'm only 5'9 so that may explain some of it. I could work on that i suppose.
    Head looks pretty decent. Turned away from ball and lowers and turns through impact.
    I changed my grip end of last year from interlock to just hands on then club. think its called finger grip or something. I hate the phrase baseball grip because its not the same.
    Hips dont thrust too much and shaft is online with the forearm at correct time.

    Thats about it guys. Feel is certainly not real. Im not thinking or trying to do most any of what I have seen hahahaha.

    Not a bad swing for this time of year. Looks about right for my hcp.

    My goal is consistency this year. Constant single figs and the holy grail of the level par round (which I have never done yet).

    Be kind guys.

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    Hey, gman......

    Lots of good stuff going on there! Good for you!
    (takes a certain amount of "nerve" to put yourself out there like that?
    Video is a bit tough to make detail analysis....


    Two things that immediately caught MY eye?

    1. Initial Posture appears to be a bit "hunched" or "rounded" at the shoulders?
    Perhaps a bit more "butt in the next county"; a bit "straighter" back?

    2. Takeaway appears to be a bit INSIDE the line? More than I was expecting.
    IMHO, during the takeaway, when the SHAFT of the club is Parallel to the ground (half-way-back", the shaft of the club should also be Parallel to the target-line.

    If you do PMD from that same camera-angle and stop the video at that instant, I'd bet that the shaft-position would be quite different?

    Good luck.
    Well done.

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      Thanks Costa mate.

      Yep I always been a little hunched. Mix of bad posture and many years behind a desk!!!!

      Agreed takeaway is inside. Thats probably why I come over and not down and under as most modern guys do. Still im happy with impact and attack angle.

      Camera was best I could do Im afraid. It wasnt mine and I had to film this from my phone as I didnt want to pay extra for the video.

      Yep I thought it was about time I posted my swing and its clearly a swing not a hit. I always thought of golf as a backhand game and a swing not hit. Still I respect there are multi ways of playing.

      Thanks for comments. I had hoped you would take a look.



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        Hi Greg
        Yes ,the video is a bit blurry and at an awkward angle to see DTL properly. Apart from what Costa Dude noticed, you have a nice athletic golf action and I think you are swinging your arms on that inner circle (similar to something I've seen Jim Hardy talk/write about). Would be nice to see a better DTL/FACE-ON view look at how your clubface is rotating through impact. You've definitely got a lot of flexibility judging by your follow-through with arms/hands closer to your body. I noticed that your right heel lifts up slightly (I do this too) before impact which I think (Cally can correct me if I've got this wrong) is something Shawn warns us against doing.

        PS. Like the George Formby ukulele song.


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          Thanks Shrode.

          I never heard of Jim Hardy or his 'inner circle' idea. Ill look into it.

          Yep I'm in agreement on what Costa advised and will take a look into the takeaway. Also Gary posted that fantastic lesson with the doctor about the takeaway. I say this with hesitation but it doesn't look too much of a jump to implement.

          On clubface rotation I don't feel like I'm rotating the club face at all. That's not to say I don't but for me anyone who thinks they rotate around the body has no chance at all. I'm very much on vertical swing idea and rotation from body. I bet my arms do rotate but there is no chance I'm rolling them or anything deliberate like that. I noticed that the doctor said that this was one of his options. I thought to myself 'don't do that whatever you do !!!'.

          On heel lift. Yes I lift on driver. Not a dramatic lift but agreed I'm off the ground. I played lots of sports where I instinctively move toward target with body. It took me many many years to try and stop that with golf. You must have your focus regarding the swing behind the ball. The action is like a throw, a punch, a stone skip etc but if you think that means body toward the target then in will creep the sway and the foot off the ground may even be a push from the ground up. All these thoughts are death. So my foot may leave but it is NOT pushing off from the ground. Years ago I did this and it was awful. I played doing that and trying to time a sway. Now that takes real athletic ability to time and is plain stupid. But hey ho.

          Just to let you know how I go about making a change. I don't simply identify what looks bad and change it. I make the effort to understand advice and agree with it. So if I wanted to keep my foot on the ground I would not simply tell myself not to lift the foot. Id find out why and what the reason for the foot lift is. The CNS is so powerful that if you are standing on the tee and you need a 260 yard carry then your body will revert back to how your brain thinks is the right solution. In that moment if your deep intent results in a foot lift then simply thinking 'don't lift your foot' aint going to cut it. It will more likely be a lateral move intent or thinking too much of leading with lower body. You get my drift anyhow.

          So with Costas advice and Gary's video of doctor I see how the hands work up. I got an idea of the intent and now I will try and implement the intent and the high hands and plane adjustment will be a result. I can see that you may get more power from higher up and wider and perhaps its more consistent because the 'over' move takes more co-ordination. I have not idea. Until I try it its a matter of faith in Shawn.

          Hahaha glad you like the ukulele video. My Uncle was in hospital with leukemia and his fav music is George Formby. That was a post I did with my daughter to cheer him up in hospital.

          Speak soon guys.

          The support I have had since I posted my swing has been quite remarkable. Thanks guys.

          Roll on spring


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            Hi Gmonkey,

            I wanted first to correct something in your post to Schrodinger. It was Schrodinger that posted the current video by Shawn with his Doctor student about the early Wrist Hinge and allowing the arms to levitate upwards during the Backswing and Through Swing. It was I that posted a similar video a few years older talking about a similar subject.

            I also wanted to say you gave a great looking swing and I enjoy reading your contributions to thus Forum.




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              Thanks Gary.

              Schodinger I looked up Jim Hardy and found a video of his that I had asked a question a year ago!!! So somehow I had heard of him. I like what he says yes.

              I cant find anything where he defines the 'inner circle'. Just he mentions it in some videos.

              Interesting his work with the orange whip. he talks about transition with body while the club feels like it is still in the backswing (which he calls a one plane swing) and the transition where you get the engine stall feel downstart and then body turn which he calls two plane swing (my feel).

              I get what he is saying but not sure id get it if I didnt know what he was talking about. Thats the real key. I'd need to see what he said about the inner circle stuff because most of his other thoughts seem like confirmation lessons and not understanding lessons. I mean lots of positional references that you cant be expected to manipulate in split seconds.