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Hi from australia /goldcoast

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  • Hi from australia /goldcoast

    Hi just joined the forum been following shawns vidoes
    Hope to transform my game so hard to let go of bad habits

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    Is this forum still active or not


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      Hi Bob,
      Yes, it is still active, but traditionally there is an "off-season" (at least on THIS side of the planet?) slowdown of sorts.
      We'll see how it may pick up when the weather turns?
      Hope so!

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        Thanks mate


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          Hi Bob

          So great to see you here - hope all is well with you on the Gold Coast.

          Looking forward to talking golf with you in 2020!

          Time to advance our understanding and golf games ..

          Best of luck in your golf journey..

          cheers for now

          from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
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            Hi kid
            yep all good here on the goldcoast bit of rain around at the moment which is frustrating as my home coarse floods easily but we have been mounths with out rain so should not really complain
            cheers bob


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              I have not experienced playing in the gold coast, it seems to be a great place and humid there.


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                Yes all of the above but can't think of anywhere esle i would rather be


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                  You might want to stay in isolation for the time being due to Coronavirus lurking around. Or maybe it hasn't reached your area yet?


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                    Hi Bob, my husband and I usually go to the Gold Coast once a year for a week of golf. I love it there. We used to go to the PGA as well when it was at Royal Pines.😁