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  • Hi from SunkTheBirde

    I've come to more formally look at Shawn's methodology ... as I love what I've seen so far.
    I can't wait to use some classic Shawn terms like Arm-Club unit, snuff box and Skelly.
    I usually hang out on golfwrx.
    Any WRXers here ?

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    Hey there, welcome to WIG!!

    I've seen you in a few forums on wrx and thought you might be a Shawn fan based on your posts. I'm on there and hackers paradise, but usually hang out in the equipment forums for each. I come here for instruction and ideas. Made some great friends on this board too. There are a ton of great posters on here who have a great knowledge of Shawn and his teachings, and everyone is super friendly and wants to help a fellow golfer out.

    Enjoy the ride!


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      Welcome to WIG! I visit WRXer , but it is mostly for information on equipment. Shawn's methodology is spot on! His latest videos about target focus and how to stay on focus are right on! Most of us play well for a few holes and lose the focus or being in the zone and start to struggle trying to find our groove again. His latest videos on the premium channel are about how golfers can stay in control of game. Great Stuff!


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        Hey Sunk! I've been on WRX along time, so I recognize you from there....a place I usually post in equipment forum, but will occasionally venture to other areas.

        The WIG way has dynamic results and simpler approach to the golf course methods for those with patience to stick with it. I came from using 5+ years of the Don Trahan PPGS into this, and had used something called the Heard Super Swing for many years before that.

        I doubt I'll ever be any good at the game, but like the free flow of this approach which also keeps me injury free as I am a touch older than Shawn - yet I am able to maintain alot of swing speed due to my addiction to workouts I have been involved with for over three decades! My chipping game is the only really sharp aspect right now out on a course.

        Looking forward to your discoveries and processing of your game with some WIG here and perhaps on WRX!


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          Thanks everyone.
          Does the captcha ever go away ?
          They are very hard !