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    **Warning wall of text**

    I had found Shawn about 7 years back and started to follow both his videos and the forum. I got to a point where I felt like in person lessons would do me better (kind of right but kind of not) and ended up seeing a pro here in my state who really was helpful. Didn't stray from Shawn too much, but didn't really focus on gravity and momentum as much.

    Fast forward to yesterday (probably been 2 years since I'd watched any of Shawn's videos) and my round was just bad. I can live with a bad round but I was sore and fatigued along with it. Now I play a lot of golf. I think I was around 2400 holes last year alone so I knew my game was missing something. Ended up on Shawn's YouTube page and watched a few of the newer vids and lo and behold, nothing has changed. Same Shawn (nice pings by the way) with the same lessons only worded in different ways for different people to understand.

    I'm a mid to low single digit handicapper. My quest for scratch gets derailed with OB tee shots and birdie putts not falling in the hole. I have plenty of distance. Today I played one of my home courses (every Monday so I know it like the back of my hand) so it's easier for me to test some things out since I know where you can miss without too many issues. I haven't been able to hit a fade for 5+ years. I can slice one sure but my stock shot for years has been straight draw, pull draw, snap hook, or a push draw. The right side of golf courses was non existent to me. Today that completely changed. My first 3 holes I was +2. On the 4th tee box I figured what the hell, let's trust momentum with a fade. So I set up, ball slightly forward, club face slightly closed in relation to my intermediate target, and swing to the left of it. I wish a camera was on my face when the ball went left to right and just as far as my regular drives on that hole have been. Sitting 165 out in slight rough and do the same thing with my 8i. Put it about 15 feet below the hole and two putted for bird. Went on to get 3 more in the next 5 holes to finish -2. Then 9 straight pars on the back.

    I won't bore everyone with hole by hole shots, but today my fade was on fire. The draw had some issues where I wasn't trusting it would turn over so I tensed up a bit and fought the ACU path. When I did trust it, it was also a thing of beauty. And I'm fully back on the WIG train (sad I jumped off). My chips were having some issues until I realized my lower body wasn't involved. I was all arms and the path was being manipulated. Activated my lower body in the back swing and follow through and just wow. Today was the biggest AH HA moment I've had in golf.

    The best part? My swing could have easily gone another 36 holes. The draw swings were the only "tense" swings all day. Looking forward to getting caught up on the forum and Shawn's new videos as well.

    TL;DR Today was a very enlightening day on the golf course

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    Got out again for 9 today and the fade was good...until it wasn't (I messed up.) Double crossed myself and hooked my fade set up, one bounce into the drink (doubled the hole and ended up with a 38). Hole 9 was my mini ah ha moment. For whatever reason I decided to focus where my sternum notch was in relation to my ball set up. This hole plays about 515 520ish but a creek runs across defending driver unless you carry it a ways. I bogeyed the hole before and wasn't in the mental state to hit driver after the double cross earlier so I hit my 4h down the middle and another 4h that ended up middle of the green just off the fringe. The 2nd shot is what surprised me the most. I compressed the HELL out of this ball. I lasered to the pin back right 256, and ended up about 235ish. I give some credit to a flyer lie but the two swings when focusing on my sternum notch were phenomenal.

    Another thought, I play the fattest shovels known to man, Ping Karstens. These are SGI and supposed to only go straight. Well guess what...they don't ignore physics and I'm working them just fine. Granted I could probably curve a bit more with a blade but I have zero issue hitting draws and fades with these babies.
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      Had a very productive practice day today. Previously when I was following Shawn's teachings, I couldn't get over the "closed" grip. And because I didn't trust it, I'd hit a lot of low hooks or fat shots. Today however, another ah ha moment, especially with my 5i (lowest iron I carry.) The karate chop, hammer the nail into the side of the 2x4, whatever analogy works, finally clicked for me and I'm excited to take this to the course tomorrow. I was really feeling the release on both fades and draws. After that, I went to the practice green, doubting the same principal will work for chipping (sorry Chairman.) Once again I was proved wrong (thank you Chairman.) I was just giggling to myself about how high I could hit a chip if needed, and a low "draw" with some run to it. Once again, super excited to take these to the course tomorrow.


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        Been a few weeks since I last posted. Huge break through last night. My back swing wasn't nearly a back swing as I had thought. Once I got the "feel" of my belly button pointing parallel behind my target, I felt the arms floating and the downswing turned into unlimited space to swing to the target. Expansiveness I believe is the word. Playing a few rounds this weekend and hoping to get one more range session in before to help solidify this new feeling.


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          Love your Love for the game and your excitement is shared among many of us here!! Those AH HA moments are something I like to see people sharing! Thanks for your inspiration