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  • New old kid from Raleigh

    I moved to Raleigh 10 years ago and lost my golf buddies and my muni right down the road and quit playing. Now, 10 years later, I've got the bug again. I found WIG on Youtube and subscribed. I never knew the golf swing could be this simple. I realize now I never played golf. I played hit the ball, while trying to fix my swing for 18 holes. Despite that, I was a mid 80's shooter. I'd like to break 80 regularly and I think the knowledge that Shawn is passing on can get me there.

    Now if I could sink some putts.


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    Welcome to WIG, Mark...

    I've placed the order for your locker at Crackpot National...
    It may take a while, because at CN....."time" does not exist?

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      but at the Quantum Level..the locker is already his, with a nameplate and he's on the practice tee ..taking a lesson from our Director of Instruction.. .

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    Welcome to the greatest golf site you will ever find!