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    The Center Point of the Swing

    I discovered Wisdom in Golf last February and started doing the drills and working on the focus side of the game in earnest in the spring. My average score for 2017 was 9.3 strokes lower than in 2016.

    Wisdom in Golf also got me interested in how golf was taught “in the old days.” I’m 60, so perhaps I should say in ancient times. I picked up a used copy of Percy Boomer’s On Learning Golf, copyright 1946. One thought in the book really struck a cord with me, his description of the center point of the swing.

    It fits in very well with Shawn’s teaching, really it is just a bit different way of expressing the same concept, but it helped me.

    On Learning Golf, by Percy Boomer.

    “I always tell my pupils…never try to hit the ball; cultivate a sweep through the ball, and let the ball be nothing more than an incident in the swing.” (p. 160).

    “If we make the ball our center of attraction, our acceleration will culminate at that point, and since our effort will be exhausted, we shall not ‘stay with the ball.’” (pp. 160-61.)

    Regarding over-swinging:

    “’You came down outside,’ or ‘You are overswinging.’ Those faults are mainly not mechanical at all; they arise from a false conception, and if I correct the false conception, the fault cures itself. In this case I found that the people who were overswinging were doing so because they were concentrating on the ball. When I explained that the climax of acceleration must be a yard or so past the ball, their back swings began to shorten automatically—because they felt the need for a reserve of power to enable them to go past the ball.” (p. 161)

    “In short the good golfer measures the length of his back swing by the feel of his follow through. He is not consciously aware how far back he goes but he is aware of the acceleration climax point away past the ball. This point and not the ball is the true center of the swing…” (pp. 161-62).

    Sounds like fencing for power.

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