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Too slow or to fast hips?

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  • Too slow or to fast hips?

    I feel like I have a real timing issue at the moment. If I let the club fall to the ball, like you do a grass whip, to get that nice cut, I feel like I get a bit stuck with my follow through sometimes. If I concentrate on getting my body out of the way, I don’t get that nice do you guys get your timing, do you clear at contact or after “the grass cut”. Thanks 😃

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    Whoops just noticed my spelling error, sorry typing on my phone and I didn’t see the whole screen.😊


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      Hi Julie ..

      I'm a big fan of this concept .. which I hope you might want to give some thought to and perhaps try .. at about 2 minutes in this video Shawn has Savvy move the dust a little differently and notice the release.. !!

      so the body is out of the way .. but the handle of the hockey stick (and the golf club) is working into the body and the head of the stick or club is accelerating outwards ..

      I love the version of this drill where you use your top hand on the grip ..low hand on the steel and make some hockey type swings from that grip ..

      the resulting acceleration from using the tool down the line of intent is worth seeing..

      maybe then drop a little virtual grass or dandelion down and see how it cuts ?

      add in some other 'collect 2 balls through' or a 'ball and a coin or marker' and some targets that you've clearly defined to take action towards and maybe something new lights up in your awareness..


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        Thanks KF.....oh to have a swing like Savy😃....I would love to see her swing in slow motion.


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          Originally posted by Julie H View Post
          oh to have a swing like Savy😃....I would love to see her swing in slow motion.
          Hi Julie,

          This video is an older one (2010) of Savvy, but it has a little bit of slow motion swings in it . . .


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            Remember the sword slash. The whoosh sound comes after the club is past the ball. Another way to think about it (which works very well for me) is to think of the center point of the swing. It is not at the ball, but well past the ball. When doing the feet together drill or swinging a grass cutter, focus on swinging all the way through, building speed to the midpoint.


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              Julie, take a look at Shawn's throwing the football videos. It will show you how to complete your follow through to the target and get your body to clear in the right time frame. Then just practice the drill with the right arm and then both to complete the feeling with your golf club. Work on a nice slow rhythmic swing to your target and then add more momentum as you become comfortable with the movement.


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                Yesterday I watched some videos of the long hitter Jamie Sadlowski.
                He mentioned a tipp, which may add some clarification to the grass whip analogy.
                He stated, most amateurs have maximum club speed too early, better is to have the maximum speed flat over the ground.
                This is a task which is not too hard to accomplish and maybe helps to cut gras better.


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                  Originally posted by Julie H View Post
                  I feel like I have a real timing issue at the moment.

                  Along with the other suggestions here, to help you with your hips being either too slow or too fast, I thought I would add this old Shawn video (I tend to revert back to many of Shawn's older videos as they have many great nuggets in them, and they are pretty much ingrained in my mind from watching them multiple times) on Tempo and Timing to help get the arms and body synced up . . .

                  One of the key things Shawn points out in here is, "Whenever the body moves the arms follow, but it's very easy for the arms to move without the body following." This is Shawn's "Dog wagging the tail" analogy.

                  Hope this helps!


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                    Originally posted by Julie H View Post
                    oh to have a swing like Savy😃....I would love to see her swing in slow motion.
                    Hi Julie and everyone,

                    Julie, my guess is we will be seeing a lot more of Savvy's golf swing in the near future.

                    I just noticed that Savvy started her own YouTube channel. I saw it featured on Shawn's YouTube channel. There's no content/videos on it yet, but there is a little announcement from Savvy about golf and her plans for the tour.

                    Here's the link . . .


                    It will be interesting to follow her journey!


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                      Look at how much Savvy ? swings around. The hands swing vertical but her body footwork and hips all make an around swing. This thought will stop you feeling stuck and will have your follow through nice and free flowing. Dont be scared to let your body clear naturally and if you take the time to video your swing you may be surprised at how much your body has cleared with a more rotary feel through the ball.

                      Dont worry if you pull your first few shots left. Stick with it,