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if I add weight will increase clubhead speed?

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  • avguy
    Much of the OEM golf makers were pushing the more speed = more distance mantra. Adding to that theory - they wanted us to Subtract weight. You can swing it faster. Hence, the plethora of sub 60g driver shafts, many irons in sets of under 110g shafts.

    So, I have seen many of the better HC players over on WRX go that way with their irons (Nippon modus 105, PX LZ 5.5, and KBS Tour V 110) and enjoy the ride. Lead tape is best help for a swing weight adjustment. You can be lowering the COG of a club head plus taking the shaft flex down a half or more levels with overuse.😉

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  • Richardus
    The rising star in the golf iron market is known as Game-Improvement Irons. These irons promise to assist those looking to improve various aspects their game (distance, control, consistency, etc.) and used various technologies to fulfill that promise. It is common knowledge among golfers that the biggest challenge in golfing is to achieve consistency. Although manufacturers tend to implement different techniques and marketing naming schemes, their products share the same set of core principles.

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  • Schrodinger
    Unfortunately , the physics is fairly complicated but have a look at this golf site created by Dave Tutelman who tries to explain the physics of the golf swing in some understandable form.

    Basically ,extra mass added to the clubhead ( increase the effective momentum = mass x velocity) or adding the mass of your body behind the swing doesn't necessary mean it will increase ball speed. But an increase in clubhead speed will increase ball speed.

    I suspect it would be easier to envisage 2 scenarios:

    If a train moving at 50 mph collided with a stationary golf ball would the ball fly quicker than if it had been hit by a car (also moving at 50 mph)? The non-intuitive answer would be that the ball would probably move at the same speed.

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  • kid_fullerene
    Hi DA -

    there are better tech minds on this board than mine .. but let me wade into this a little bit and offer a couple thoughts..

    1. more weight may not necessarily produce or provide more speed .. if anything it might actually slow the swing down a little bit

    2. the notion of clubhead speed is that as part of a force/mass equation applying a couple of Newton's more fun laws.. that the speed is 'magically transmuted' into additional mass measured in ..(you guessed it) Newtons..

    so that free falling and centripetally happening mass and its dynamic force is transferred into the golf ball which deforms and then finds its way into the sky..

    so back to your question .. does the weight speed up the swing if you let momentum be the power source.. ?

    kind of..

    the greater weight is still falling from the same place unless you get taller .. or can stay on plane a bit longer and get the club back a little further even with the inverse square law firmly in place (a heavier object still falls at the same rate as a lighter one - so no acceleration ..but more mass available)

    so ..why add weight?

    mainly to help you get a bit more club head 'feel' or sense of where it is .. or to correct a swing tendency that might be unwanted and could be corrected.

    typically this is done with lead tape .. and it might also make sense to counterweight under you grip as well ..

    what you might want to do is to find a demo club similar or identical to your existing set .. and use that as a test bed for your experimentation..

    you're asking some interesting questions ..and they are very valid - what has happened over time is that many club manufacturers have effectively 'delofted' or renumbered their irons so what used to be a 6 iron is now the 7 iron and made them lighter to potentially increase swing speed.

    you get into some areas where you begin to have to figure out or be fit by someone who knows - what your best swing weight(s) and shaft flex is/are - much of the rest is how it looks to you ..the effective 'topline' so that you feel comfortable over the ball ..

    I guess my final thought is that the additional weight is only as effective and beneficial as one's ability to release the club through the ball in rhythm at the target.. and stay in balance ..

    I suggest looking at Tom Wishon's stuff in that he can get you into some of this thought process at a fairly high level but still keep it pretty understandable for most golfers .. frankly I get much of it ..but my friends who really understand the equipment stuff get going and leave me in the dust fairly fast.

    hope this is of some help ..good luck in your journey..



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  • dagarland
    started a topic if I add weight will increase clubhead speed?

    if I add weight will increase clubhead speed?

    basically if I put little to no effort into my swing the ball flies like I intended it to. I would like to have more distance (6iron carries about 150) the question is if I add weight to the club would that speed up my swing if I'm letting the momentum of the club be the power?

    lead tape or brass weights? is that "legal"?