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Swing speed surprise???

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  • Swing speed surprise???

    So I got one of those Bell swing speed monitors and headed out to the range. Hitting drives and my ss was pretty much always just around 105. I tried relaxing, swinging harder, being loose and although I could get it to 108 a few times it was pretty much always the same...except a few times where it was significantly higher up to 119mph??? The ball flew significantly farther and I had to do a double take looking at the radar reading. What had I done differently to get that? I tried again everything I could think of and same thing 105-108. Frustrated to find that feeling I just couldn't and almost gave up when there is was again. I could tell instantly by the ball hit and flight before even looking at the radar that it was faster and sure enough there was another 120mph reading. But just like before I have no idea what I had done differently??? I continued on trying to figure out just what the difference was with same results.....105-108 and an occasional 118mph+ reading coming up?

    To be honest I left the practice session somewhat perplexed, a little frustrated, but a little encouraged. Obviously I have it in me but what I was doing to get these great ball strikes with hi swing speeds I have no idea??? Anyone ever have something like this happen and have any advice?

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    Hi K

    awesome that you have that new tool to help you get some feedback on your swing. Like any device or 'map' .. it's not the territory.. just a representation. If you're working around 105-110 - on a consistent basis.. that's a pretty decent swing speed .. and assuming you're making consistent contact .. you'd achieve a ball speed around 135-140 mph which should give you decent distances.

    I grabbed an article I saw last year to give you a baseline .. worth a read .. but FWIW - relatively slow swingers of the club like Els and McDowell are on average about 111 mph.

    so while higher speeds are out there .. and they can be realized even by amateurs .. being realistic about how much upside can be achieved is also important.

    Consistent flight, direction and known carries are crucial to a game where you are trying to achieve predictability and scoring.

    As to your 'anomalous swings that achieved 120' .. my guess is that you likely achieved a better release .. so that a relaxed swing had great energy transfer into the club head.. the better 'whipping action' that you hear about ..

    believe it or not .. that often has a lot more to do with smoothness, rhythm and tempo more than putting a lot of effort into it. The important thing is that you know that it's 'out there' for you.. the critical thing would be not to chase hard after it..

    a 'game' you could play is to see how much speed you could realize with what feels like the least amount of potential effort and the smoothest swings ..

    if you could achieve 111 like 'the Big Easy' .. and know where it's going .. you could have a lot of fun on the golf course..

    hope that's of some help..


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      Hi K5,

      My advice (fwiw) would be to read kid's assessment above and then...….read it again.
      Then go out and adhere to it. Go home and read it again.

      As kid suggested, what I believe you experienced was "release".
      Release, as in the ABSENCE of "doing" something?

      The more you try and chase it by DOING something, the more it will elude you.

      Relax, and let it come to you.
      After all, there's nothing shabby about 108 - 110?

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        108 is a very nice swing speed. Thats a 260-280 yard drive dependent on conditions.

        Thats my driver average swing speed.

        I dont play any course that needs a longer drive than that.

        If you play championship courses (or hope to) that 108 vs 120 will mean the difference between a 5 iron or 8 iron then maybe. If thats your level then great. Because that is certainly what a top player works on.

        We are talking regular accurate swing speed here.

        I could go higher than 108 but my stupid lateral hip bump and early extention would send it 120 straight Right Right Right. hahahaha

        As the guys have said relaxed muscles can produce more speed so you are just going to have to get yourself more data on the range. That data will depend on how you power your swing. But as Costa says you could tie yourself in knots if you aint careful.
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          On those few where it (swing speed) was that high the ball flew off the club and was easily past the last flag at 300+. I felt like I was 30 again (!!!) but I still don't know what I did differently exactly?