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My problem with WIG (playground swing analogy)

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    Omg that is cool! Her downswing through the ball looks beautiful.


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      WIG is a much more freeing way of swinging a club (I haven’t hit a ball). My legs are moving a ton but it’s all so that my arms don’t crash. Love the no manipulation aspect of this approach.

      I was turned off a decade ago because I thought Shawn was just like all the other crappy teachers. His ‘task approach’ is top notch and clearly a much better way to play! I’ve always known that we only hit the ball on the downswing (the backswing proven by history doesn’t matter) and that that left shoulder cannot spin prior to the shaft falling and coming from the inside. In order to do these things I have been MANIPULATING to the extreme. His approach seems to have these things happen naturally with no manipulation!


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        I was just at the park. I experimented with a new way of possibly setting up to the ball. I would do a:

        • Walking PMD
        • Addressing the ‘ball’ with feet square (with proper tilt)
        • I’d move my left foot back
        • Initiating a forward press with my hands, using the mental momentum to take the club back, stepping square with my left foot as I continue the backswing (gained more ROM so I didn’t crash).
        • Swinging through the ball and then taking a minor step with my right foot to initiate the PPM.

        Felt good and I was definitely cutting weeds well. I’m obviously looking at the ball but not sure how ball bound I am since I finish my swinging motion into the PMD.

        Hopefully some golf opens up soon. I want to see if I have too many moving parts.


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          Hi guys,

          For those who have endured my never-ending lunacies over the past decade, I apologize for the REPETITIVE notion to which I suggest...

          The MAIN difference between PMD (perpetual-motion-drill) and "hitting" a golf ball is the operative verb with which we perform the two, distinctly different, intents?

          When we perform PMD, our OBJECTIVE is to SWING the club in a smooth, UNobstructive manner in which the goal is to stay in balance and resolve to RETURN the swing-motion into a postion from which we can perform it again...

          All too often, when we set up to perform a golf shot, we ALLOW our "intention" to DIVERT to a "hitting" of the ball. More TENSION, more agression?

          We often wonder WHY we can't seem to transfer our PMD-swing to our "at-the Ball-swing"?

          To MY mind, it is because we are attempting TWO DIFFERENT tasks?

          It is much LESS a matter of how we execute the motion, than it is a matter of what we are THINKING when we do?

          SWING and HIT are often mutually-exclusive intentions...
          The former promotes (and even REQUIRES) RELAXATION and fluidity....
          The latter requires TENSION and force.

          I firmly believe it can be as simple as changing the way we THINK.

          Love this place and you guys

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            Here is an example of my first vs my 2nd perpetual swing. A bit difficult to have the naturalness of the 5th PMD but just gotta keep practicing.