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Pause at the top of the swing?

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    Originally posted by COSTA103 View Post
    Anyone want to challenge that?
    Hi guys,
    Hi Dude,

    No challenge from me! And I believe Ms. "Gravity" agrees 100% with you too; so I think it's pretty safe to say no challenge from Ms. "Gravity" either!

    As I read your post Dude I couldn't help but recall Shawn saying in his double pendulum video (starting at the 8:46 mark), "I'm feeling the weight of my Arm Club Unit and I'm just a witness to gravity swinging it for me." He goes on to say, "I'm just a witness to this . . . I'm letting it happen . . . it's like somebody else is swinging it for me."

    So to summarize, I'm well served by "getting out of the way" . . . "letting it happen" . . . and just being "a witness" to "gravity swinging it for me" . . . after all, why should I interfere by trying to do a "job" that somebody else (Ms. "Gravity") is so much better at than I am?


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      The one idea that seems to be incomplete is if you can't feel the pause at the top of your back swing, then I don't believe you are truly completing the back swing. It is longer than you think. Abandoning control means allowing the momentum to carry the ACU to a finish before changing direction. My feeling at the top is a tiny, very subtle bit of release of tension in the tendons attached to the shoulder joint of the left arm. It's not something that's forced, but it is something I have to wait for to happen. The wrists have to set and the front shoulder needs to set as well in order to finish the back swing.