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Pause at the top of the swing?

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    Originally posted by COSTA103 View Post
    Anyone want to challenge that?
    Hi guys,
    Hi Dude,

    No challenge from me! And I believe Ms. "Gravity" agrees 100% with you too; so I think it's pretty safe to say no challenge from Ms. "Gravity" either!

    As I read your post Dude I couldn't help but recall Shawn saying in his double pendulum video (starting at the 8:46 mark), "I'm feeling the weight of my Arm Club Unit and I'm just a witness to gravity swinging it for me." He goes on to say, "I'm just a witness to this . . . I'm letting it happen . . . it's like somebody else is swinging it for me."

    So to summarize, I'm well served by "getting out of the way" . . . "letting it happen" . . . and just being "a witness" to "gravity swinging it for me" . . . after all, why should I interfere by trying to do a "job" that somebody else (Ms. "Gravity") is so much better at than I am?


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      The one idea that seems to be incomplete is if you can't feel the pause at the top of your back swing, then I don't believe you are truly completing the back swing. It is longer than you think. Abandoning control means allowing the momentum to carry the ACU to a finish before changing direction. My feeling at the top is a tiny, very subtle bit of release of tension in the tendons attached to the shoulder joint of the left arm. It's not something that's forced, but it is something I have to wait for to happen. The wrists have to set and the front shoulder needs to set as well in order to finish the back swing.


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        The perpetual motion drill will give you the feel of "letting it happen rather than forcing or manipulating the downswing. I try to feel the clubs balancing point when I finish my backswing. In other words the point in the backswing where the club becomes practically weightless. This moment is when a natural pause occurs. It is also the moment that my wrists break because of the clubs weight and momentum. Next, find the ground and let gravity drop the club and whip it towards your target!


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