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Videos on stress level?

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  • Videos on stress level?

    i have been watching a few videos on On Course Playing where Shawn alluded to something called the stress level of the shot (I think). This seems important, so I was looking for videos that explains but coming up empty. Any ideas on where I should be looking?

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    Here are a couple of videos that you can start with.

    Power Rhythm Timing in Abu Dhabi

    Distance Control


    • Glink@Cinci
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      Thanks, Gary. Those were perfect. I took that to the range today and as able to find that correct level under the strain level.

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    Hi Glink,

    Thanks for the feedback that those videos helped you understand what the strain levels were. Add the video below to those two so you can start using RIBS.



    Mental Game Baseball for Golf: 2/25/2011
    R.I.B.S evaluation of the swing.
    1. Rhythm
    2. Impact
    3. Balance
    4. Strain Level


    • Glink@Cinci
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      Excellent videos again, Gary. Love this one and also the second part on putting. Very important information for the on-course play. I can see so many times in the past where I was thrown out at second base trying to adapt to static positions, but no more. Thanks for sharing that one!