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Preventing Golf Injuries

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  • Preventing Golf Injuries

    Here's a video about preventing golf injuries . . .
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    I can't speak for others but I don't believe my back problems are golf related. I am going to have back surgery this winter. I put the surgery off because my back didn't hurt during my golf swing. And I am striking it ever bit as good as I did before my back problems came up. I credit the WIG swing of using gravity and getting your body out of the way preventing any injuries. As Shawn has said many times we are using the body's kinetic chain properly as it is suppose to move.

    Thanks for sharing the video on the Physical Limitations thread. He does point out that when you do try to manipulate your swing you put stress on your body.


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      Thank you for posting this video, It is one I had not seen before.

      I find Shawn's comments in the video to match my experience exactly. I'm 60 and playing the best golf I have in 30+ years. Golf is more enjoyable now and when I come off the course, I'm energized. I used to feel sore and tired. Ibuprofen was my best friend on the course. No longer need.

      The shift for me happened two years ago when I found Shawn's video "golfers over 40 watch this." The video made so much sense, I started doing the drills, PM, Feet Together, One leg and Elephant Walk--basically, I was retraining my body to swing in an anatomically correct way--free of tension, in balance and without strain. What a revelation. I learned I can swing easier and hit the ball farther and much more accurately and consistently. Good swings seem effortless.

      Golf can lead to a lot of physical problems. But, it doesn't have to. Shawn has a video where he uses a grass cutter. He demonstrates how one can swing the cutter all day long with a free and easy swing, but as soon as the golfer starts forcing the cutter, it becomes difficult and leads to muscle soreness and strain. As long as I keep tension out of the golf swing, and as long as I swing freely instead of forcing a turn which strains my lower back, I can play 36 with ease.

      The statement in the OP, "in essence let our body teach us how to swing" is spot on. The drills helped me to find that.

      I would also add that the mental component of focusing on swinging to the target, not hitting the ball, also helps. For me, the intent takes a lot of tension out of the swing. Hit=tense, swing=relaxed.


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        Injuries can happen anytime, It depends on how you carry your self during plays. This is something that we need to avoid. Play safe and calm. Thanks for sharing this video!