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More early extension talk, maybe a physical limitation?

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  • More early extension talk, maybe a physical limitation?

    Good morning,

    I have a big problem with early extension that causes me to hit all shots to the right of my intended line. I have tightness at the base of my lumber/pelvis, on the leading side of my body, and this gets worse as my round progresses. Is this the main culprit of my early extension? Is a heavy stretching regimen my only chance out of this? Stretching seems to help the pain, but the pain usually returns as I progress in a round or if I decide to go to the gym. I don't want to give up the gym, and I'm reluctant to stretch but it seems I may have to!

    I've tried Shawn's penny drill, tried to incorporate Hogan's power move, tried to not think and just cut stems, tried repeating "to the target to the target to the target" in my swing, but I can never get it to stick. Early extension is still there.

    Do you guys have any other ideas/drills to nip this in the bud? I play golf too often to be this bad. I have no problems with making flush contact. The problem is a hit the ball far and flush, but the ball starts out right, and continues to trail even more right! No matter what slot I put the club in, early extension raises its ugly head (confirmed by video).

    Do you guys have any thoughts here? Ive tried standing open/closed/parallel, but the problem is still there. I obviously have the wrong swing thought or am physically limited. Could it have anything to do with me using men's sized clubs when I'm 5'7"? I choke down on the clubs, but I've never had lie angles adjusted.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Sdieselol,

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    1. Check your grip. Is it strong enough.
    2. Weight Shift back to your lead side. Are you using your lead leg in your through swing.

    I am sure there will be more suggestions from other members that will help you.

    Here are a couple of videos:

    Pure Strike Part 1: 6/26/2010
    Pure Strike Part 2: 6/26/2010




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      Hi Sdieselol,

      Since incorporating the WIG swing, my occasional miss is a straight push to the right. My issue is that when I do not stay "behind the ball" until after impact. I suspect that I am letting my hips slide forward instead of turning. I have to really focus on staying back and NOT try to swing too hard. For me, I have narrowed my stance which promotes a more natural hip turn; and I cannot swing too hard or I will lose my balance. I find that a mental image of about a 65% strain level swing is just about right. When I do, I will hit a solid shot on target almost each time. However, if I get aggressive or lazy and let my hips, head and torso move forward before impact and/or swing too aggressively I will push the ball to the right almost every time. If I really lose it, the ball flight will be a push right and slice right…
      Give that a try the next time. I hope this helps, Good Luck
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        One thing is to think you have early hip extension the other is to know for sure. Have you had anyone or yourself set your butt up against something when in your golf posture as you practice? If you come off of the chair or bag or what ever during your swing then you will know for sure. If you are limited in one side of your hips more than the other try flaring that sides toe out more. This will help you turn into that limitation and stay in your posture longer.


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          If you start your transition from the top of the backswing using a big hip slide to your lead leg, your lead hip joint will be under compression and you cannot turn out of the way and this may cause early extension. Try and experiment which is the ideal pivot point for your body using different weight pressures on the inside of the feet . I seem to turn better when there is no appreciable movement of weight on my lead leg until after impact (but I do feel an increase PRESSURE on the inside of that lead leg/foot)
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            Let me add to what the others have mentioned. Let's go hit a few chip shots (does your ACU stay in the lower case from start to finish?) Now let's go hit some very small pitch shots ( let the ACU maintain the lower case y from start to finish). As you progress to a longer pitch shot start the same way and let gravity do it's job to the target. Every shot we attempt your mind needs to focus on your target from start to finish. Keep up the good work we are all here to help.


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              I had some success by doing what a poster above suggested. Because my swing isn't 100% WIG, I tend to fire pretty hard with my left side, which makes it difficult to stay behind the ball. Today I was able to work the ball in both directions, which I've never really been able to do, but more importantly I was able to hit a reliable draw with all clubs for the first time in 3 years.

              It seems that my weight was transitioning too quickly to my lead foot. Maybe its just a temporary fix, but I need to feel like my weight is still on my back foot through impact to start the ball on the line that I intended.

              And! The lead side of my lower back doesn't hurt! I haven't confirmed with video if this swing thought has fixed my early extension, but I have a feeling it has.

              Thanks guys.