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  • Set Up Wrist Angle

    When Shawn explained to grip the club, he refers to the lines in the palm. As consequence, there is a certain angle between arm and shaft ( opposite as for putting, a more straighter line of both)
    If I let the arms hang freely and also let the club hang down, the angle will change, gravity pulls the clubhead down.
    So, what ist the correct set up?
    A bigger angle like gripping the handle or more straighter?
    At the end, that angle has an effect on the posture.
    More angle causes the need to bend forward more or vice versa.

    On pictures it seems, for Shawn it is quite straight.

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    Hi guys,

    I believe that the "wrist-angle" is less about grip-formation than it is about POSTURE?

    I find that IF I adopt a good, balanced and athletically-prepared-to-move posture, then the LENGTH of the CLUB will dictate what "wrist-angle" is created?

    I personally FORM my grip on the handle of the club (as part of my pre-shot-routine) with my HANDS out in front of me about chest-high.....
    At that moment, the "angle" formed by my wrists is not relevant?
    Then I just bend forward at the hips until the SOLE of the club rests comfortably on the ground.

    IF I were to look at my wrist-angle at that point, I believe that I'd find that it's probably DIFFERENT for each club in my bag.

    Causes me to wonder if we haven't gotten this "wrist-angle" thing a bit backwards....

    Love this place and you guys

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      I suspect also the lie of the club can also impact your set up . My posture is (unfortunately) sometimes dictated by the club and how extreme the toe is pointing up or down relative to the ground. I suspect other factors such as dynamic shaft flex and clubhead droop also play a factor . So I might have to choke down sometimes to judge how my clubface will be at impact using my intent and PMD. Seeing that golf is played on different ground slopes , etc , you might have to slightly change your optimally natural posture and grip (ie. choking etc) because of the limitations placed on you by the geometry of the club (not ideal).