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    Hello All,

    I'm working with my brother on maintaining some posture through his entire golf swing. Does anyone know if any videos in which Shawn talks about maintaining spine angle through the golf swing?

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    Thank you Cally!


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      This has probably been answered before (but I've forgotten), but do we stop using a braced tilt for short chips and pitches?

      I was at the range yesterday and hit 200 balls with a full swing using my wedges up to 6 iron (did okay - no wild shots even after not hitting a golf ball since last October) .But I was pretty flakey with my 100 short chips and pitches and frustratingly started shanking a few with my WIG technique. As per norm, this always creates brain tension and doubt in my short game and I tend to turn into a 'piece of wood' .

      Anyhow, it was the same old problem that keeps creeping into my game and seems to be caused by my braced tilt which I use for my full WIG swing and habitually continue to use for my short game. But of course, using a braced tilt will close the shoulders quite a bit and my swing path (although from my own perspective seems okay and following approx the line of my shoulders) is (to an outside observer) way too inside to out (shank city).

      So does this mean that the spine angle for short chips and pitches should be more centralised than tilted?
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        Schrodinger, not sure what you mean by more centralized than tilted. I set up with a small "y" (ACU has lag set at address) and more weight on front foot which sets up my posture. Shawn's video on setting the sternal notch hopefully answers your question.

        This video is "How to feel the chip and pitch".
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          Just thought I'd mention a routine I found that has helped me attain what I hope is the correct posture. I've found that I can still experience that suction cup feeling through the arches of my feet even if my posture primary angles are too upright. So I tried this below and its helped me enormously to experience a much more expansive freer swinging of the arms.

          Biggest change in my swing is the Primary angle of my posture after I used this setup routine.

          1. Stand up naturally straight (arms hanging comfortably straight too)
          2. Slide my hands down the front of my thighs (as I bend from the hips) until my fingers reached just above the knobbly part of the front of the knees. While still feeling that 'suction cup' feeling through the arches of my feet.

          It feels very strange indeed because I seem to be so much closer to the ball . But when I look in the mirror compared to my previous posture , my shoulders seem to have moved down only a few inches (but it feels a lot more). Those few inches have made a big difference to enabling the free swinging of my arms back and through and there doesn't seem to be as much strain on my lumber spine.

          When I check in the mirror where my right elbow was using my previous posture , it was 'pistoned' and 'flying out' way behind my shirt seam so I must have been going a little OTT to prevent a crash of my right elbow into the side of my body on the downswing. Weird how such relatively tiny changes in golf posture can have such a big impact.


          • Gary
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            I was watching this video this morning and it reminded me of your post that you made on this thread. I believe it is a good visual of what you described.


          • Schrodinger
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            Thanks Gary - yes that's how I get my posture angle correct for every shot now (my feet under my hips to begin with and then maybe adjust stance depending on what type of shot I am picturing).

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          Hi Dinger...
          I LIKE it!

          Now....I'm VERY comfortable that MY golf-posture is OK? I tried Dinger's process and I ended up in PRECISELY that SAME posture!

          The only editorialization that I'd suggest is in: "...stand up naturally straight....."
          Want to make sure that your FEET are "comfortably" set apart for a GOLF motion? (may be a bit "wider" than our "natural" stand up straight?)

          I LIKE it!

          I'm going to "field-test" this in my upcoming client-sessions.
          I have found that many of them struggle with what an appropriate golf-posture feels like?

          I'll report back....

          Thanks, Dinger!

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            Hi Schrodinger,
            Hi Everyone,

            I agree with "Dude".

            As you do what Schrodinger recommends in his post you will feel the quads and glutes engage. See the video below.

            Ball Below the Feet: 3/14/2011
            It is your quads and gluteus that support your golf swing, not your quads and calfs. You want to feel the heels of both feet support your swing. See starting at the 4:00 minute how to support your golf posture.



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              Just revisiting this topic again as I think my method of getting the correct posture is 'FLAWED' (ie. I was getting too much knee flex).

              Was scanning through this website below doing the 'question and answer' chapters (just for fun) and read something that I'd never noticed before in any golf instruction (click on answer B and they will go through the posture and knee flex in more detail).


              I've tried their method of getting into the correct posture while also 'relieving the pressure in my hamstrings' using the correct knee flex and felt a significant increase in the degree of pivot movement in my backswing.

              Although this is a small change , I feel it is an important one because 'not enough flex' and 'too much flex' in the knees seems to engage my hamstrings and limits my ability to pivot.

              This seems to be 'Goldilocks' again to find just the right amount of primary tilt and knee flex to enable all the muscles to feel at ease with each other at setup.
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                If you guys notice, I think that Shawn uses quite a bit of knee flex in his set up. Looks a a bit more than the moder method taught these days. I started using a bit more flex a it has improved my ball striking a lot. I feel like it keeps me in my posture better, I now always keep a slight bend in my trail knee in my backswing, this is just me but feels better to me.