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Posture/Grip tips? Hands seem really low/shaft angle very flat

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  • Posture/Grip tips? Hands seem really low/shaft angle very flat

    I understand to not get TOO obsessed with how setup looks, but my hands look very low at address, making the toe way up and the shaft angle pretty flat.

    Anyone have some posture thoughts? Maybe a different thought besides throwing a sandbag into a truck? I haven't seen one good golfer with an address like this so I'm sure it could be tweaked a bit.

    If it helps, my miss is a push. That's an 8 iron.

    PS I've been weakening the grip, but is it still too strong? I've also read that the old clubs had much flatter lie angles, should I go buy an old club and try it out?
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    Interesting to see what others have to say, but this is what I see and it can be totally wrong. I'm pretty new to WIG.

    I'd check especially your right hand (lower hand) grip. Take a look at Shawn's the knife the grip video. Then I'd ask if you are feeling the weight of the ACU? Is that where the gravity wants the club to go in motion? Especially the second pic looks like you are not feeling the weight.


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      Well, I did the "Sharpie Test" to see if my lie angles were no good, but I was getting vertical lines on my club face, so I don't think thats the problem! Quite a few of the shots were close to the toe, though. Maybe I need to stand closer.


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        It appears that you are over doing the interlock. Also you are not using your index finger properly of your right hand/trail hand. I would definitely watch all of Shaw's videos on the grip. You can go to my blog Gary's Wig Notes and you can go to the section about grip. Below is a video to get you started.