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TASK for Left Arm not to Breakdown?

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  • TASK for Left Arm not to Breakdown?

    Hi, Is there a "TASK" to think about to keep your left arm from breaking down (not staying straight) in the backswing for a right handed golfer. It appears to me that my right arm is staying to close to my body (probably from possible -misinstruction in my youth about keeping right elbow tucked). Since you can't think aboout body parts in the back swing would love a task to fix this so my swing looked better.

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    To bend my left arm is part of my swing for many years, after they made me believe, not to move my lower body during the backswing,
    Despite WIG gave me a lot of back relief by rotating the hips, my ugly left arm break stayed, but I could play very good golf with it.
    But my swing was depending on good timing, mainly irons made problems.
    This season I worked mainly on that issue.
    According the linked video, I consciously make the move Shawn describes in the video, thinking left hand ear high.

    Yes, that ist body part and therefore dangerous.

    Very important for me is, to stay with the main task, which is cutting grass very precisely and throw it over the intermediate target.

    In my mind the following happens:

    Backswing: put the hands in a certain position, feel the stretch of the left arm, cut grass, cut grass, cut grass.
    Throughswing: cut grass
    My eyes stay ALWAYS on the leaves of grass close to the ball.

    The correlation is 100%, stretch arm & cut grass = good strike, arm & forgetting the grass cutting = poor performance.

    There is some traning needed to get it, but it pays of.

    Last not least another hint.
    The view to the respective leaves I want to cut is the main view, the backswing move, the path of the clubhead away from me, is ‘only’ in my peripheral vision.

    Hope that answers your question.