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  • Can you manage a task?


    Been trying every kind of tasks offered by shawn in his videos in order to be more consistent and to help me visualize the target: cut the grass, cut the dandiline, squeeze ball against a doorframe, hammer/axe drill.
    these tasks have never worked for me, even if, i can tell you i let the gravity goes by its lonely self!

    Shawn explains how to do these tasks but probably i need some more precise and very detailed explanations on these tasks or a complete different way to explain it cause i might not have understand the way to do it.. lastly i have tried the axe drill and it has been a total car crash. I think i know how to use an axe so far. So that's really frustrating as always in golf..

    Have you been able to perform these tasks?


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    Hi and welcome to the forum -

    read your post and wanted to offer a couple thoughts..

    This can get a little complicated and sometimes can lead to some confusion among new WIG students..

    Not every analogy and every task can work for everyone - Shawn offers a lot of approaches or ways to get a sense of target and/or sense of task or intention.

    For example 'skipping the stone' worked great for me - but other tasks or analogies, not so much ..

    so in particular - if the axe drill is not working for you - your axe technique might not necessarily match what Shawn's version is .. and that's ok ..

    it's also likely that there is another task or analogy that probably will ..

    are you able to explain how you think or understand how your swing works now or what swing technique you were taught vs. where you're trying to go with WIG ??

    that might help some of us offer some suggestions as to a good starting point ..

    hope this is of some help..

    cheers for now

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      Welcome to WIG and the WIG forums. I hope we can help out.

      I think Kid makes a very good point. Shawn offers numerous analogies to help golfers. Each golfer will find different ones helpful.

      In reading your post, I get the feeling that you are concentrating too much on "task", i.e. doing the movement precisely a certain way. The "tasks" are analogies. They are non-golf movements that golfers have experienced or are familiar with. The known movement translates to golf and speeds up the learning process. Instead of learning from scratch, doing the analogous movement and translating it to golf will get you to performing better on the courses more quickly.

      I suggest that you take a moment before doing one of the drills/tasks and ask yourself a couple of questions. (Questions focus the mind and we seek out the answer, instead of just trying to force certain motions.)

      For example: skipping a stone. Watch the videos and ask "Why does Shawn want us to do this task?" "What am I supposed to get out of doing this task?" "How will it help me with golf?" When I ask these type of questions, my answer is something like this: I skipped stones on ponds as a kid and was pretty good at it. The motion of throwing the stone and swinging a golf club are similar. I will skip a few stones and observe how I move and what I feel.

      I will then start skipping a few stones. The point is not to try to do it in a certain way, but to OBSERVE MYSELF doing it. Feel the motion as I do it naturally or from experience. I don't try to change anything, I just do the motion and observe--become aware of what I am doing. Where is my weight when I take the stone back? How does that feel? Do I worry about when releasing the stone, or does it happen automatically? When I'm throwing, when am I putting my weight on my front foot? Can I hit the target with my eyes closed as well as when I'm staring at the target?

      I observe the motion, feel the motion. The golf swing is similar. I take up a club and make the same movement with the club. How does this differ from tossing a stone?

      It doesn't take long for the swing to become more natural as the golf swing aligns with what you do skipping a stone.

      For example: cutting through the stem of a daisy. Why am I doing this drill? What should I get out of it? What issue is the drill addressing"

      My answers: In the past I've become too ball focused. My target was the ball, which leads to all sorts of problems. By envisioning that I'm swinging feely and through a daisy stem (which offers no resistance) instead of hitting a ball (which does offer resistance), it should free up my swing and help me to move my focus away from the ball. So I'll start doing the PM drill observing my fluidity, especially as the club head passes through the area of the ball/daisy. How does it feel to swing through the area, clip the stem as opposed to trying to hit a ball? Does it feel different if I am looking to the left to a target as opposed to down at the ground? How is it to close my eyes and picture the daisy in my mind vs a ball?

      Long answer short: you already know how to do the "tasks", observe how you move and feel doing them. Compare and contrast the feeling to when you have a club in your hand. Skipping a stone or cutting grass are things you do naturally without complex instruction. Bring that same feeling to golf.


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        I must say analogies have never really worked for me. Even got a grass whip and have no difficulty cutting grass with it. But I never managed to apply analogies to the golf swing.

        I wonder if it's not linked to the fact that the target with these analogies are just next to you (e.g. the tree when cutting tree, the grass when cutting grass, the door frame) and we don't have a distant target as in golf. Different focus?

        Having said that I find analogies like swinging the ribbon interesting to feel the rhythm.

        For the record, Gary's page on analogies


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          Hey guys,
          thanks for all of your messages, been trying to perform a wig golf swing for about three years now and i have been trough one year and half without any improvements that's why sometimes it can get a little bit on my nerves

          I've try today one task i didn't try which is closing the garage door and i could see that this drill is working far better than the others so thanks for sharing this new task!
          To talk about the other tasks i've tried like cutting stemp or hammer a nail or compressing a ball against a door frame, i think for me that the ball presence is too much during these tasks. In fact when you use the hammer, the ball is in your eyesight, or when you try to cut the stemp my brain is telling me to go under the ball, again the ball presence is very disturbing.
          So thinking about a task where the ball is not here helps me a lot

          Also what i could observe during this new task is that my head magically stay behind the ball and to the right knee at impact

          See you!