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  • SwingRite trainer

    anyone ever try this swing aid? It seems pretty good.

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    Could be cheaper to get an old club shaft and hear/feel the whoosh. Wouldn't it be better to train your brain to consistently focus on swinging to a target rather than relying on muscle memory (which I think is a myth)?


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      yeah it goes against WIG as far as throwing the club but at the same time when I see it demonstrated , it looks like something worth trying. My only problem is, Shawn doesn't talk about it and I have 100% faith in his teachings, methods .


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        It's actually almost exactly like a swing trainer that Shawn has used and demonstrated for us before. The one he has allows the sliding weight to click against it's end stops in both directions as you toss the club in both directions. The swing trainer's premise has nothing to do with physical muscle memory.It has every thing to do with where the club head starts to over come gravity's centrifugal force in the down swing. Which is exactly the same as the swoosh out in front of you OR throwing the club properly to your target. Is the Swing trainers design perfect? Far from it.


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          Ken, you are right. See the video below.


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            Actually there is an interesting article about the advantages of accelerating though the ball and its impact on distance via the Tutelman website.


            Interesting that the impact on distance by accelerating through the ball is negligible but still worth doing (primarily using the 'swinging butt' like a Trebuchet) as it stops us from releasing the club too early and also helps us to retain that important kinetic sequence (ie. but still needing to ensure focus on swinging to a target -memory muscle , not muscle memory). Another interesting point is that the author says its detrimental to use the wrists/hands to accelerate the clubhead but better to 'rotate your body through the ball' for drives and even small putts.


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              I have used SwingRite trainer for over 4 years to practice my swing indoors. With my 2nd and final go in WIG being just under 2 years now, that had some overlap in my past swing, PPGS. That coach fella recommended it, so I got one then.

              Nowadays in WIG, I don't use it as design purposes with the audible spring loaded click signifying a "release point" of the club. Rather, it is a nice weighted tool which has become part of my ACU. At about 34", it is not meant for striking the ground, so with my floor tile lines at home, I can line up to perform momentum directed WIG swings and PMDs in draw or fade mode.

              Really at 52 with a desk job, this has become a wonderful exerciser on swing posture and body engagement that had carried over onto the course. It is just my "fake club" which works better than swinging a real club off the ground. The latter might promote swing levels to high (thin shots, anyone?), but Swingrite is shorter than your actual clubs, meant to be swung at 2-4in. off the ground.



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