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Keeping a pre-shot routine

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  • Keeping a pre-shot routine

    Here is an interesting article about stepping up to the ball or as the article calls it "Walking into the ball." What is interesting about it is that it uses Chamblee's idea of looking how the greats do it (approaching the ball) for support of the idea of stepping in to the ball.

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    Interesting. How many of you do this? Ive always setup just off the ball and taken a couple of practice swings, then moved in and hit. Do you think taking the practice swings a ways back and then moving into the ball as per the video is better? Maybe it helps establish the picture in your mind? Cheers


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      Grambo, I believe you are correct. Taking the practice swings behind the ball, then getting your picture and MORE IMPORTANTLY see an INTERMEDIATE TARGET,


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        I think the important thing is to separate your thinking box and your set up box. I.e. stand behind the ball with the ball between you and your intended target to make your decision on the shot to be played. Then sell out on the game plan and move to the side to set it up for executuion.


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          Looks a lot like Tiger’s approach to the ball as well.