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What we should be doing at the range

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  • What we should be doing at the range

    With the season warming up, I've been spending more time at the range. It's close, convenient, and something golf-related to do when I don't have time to play.

    However, what I'm not doing is beating balls. I'm using my range time to explore. I believe Shawn has talked about this in videos before.

    What happens when I close the club face 45 degrees? What about 75 degrees? What happens if I do the same thing with the club face open?

    What would it feel like if I want this chip to only go 10 yards? Now what if I try that same chip with my 5 hybrid?

    How close to the wobble point can I swing the club? How wide can I swing the club? What does a crash feel like?

    How much control can I really give up? Can I hit the high fade and draw, and the low fade and draw?

    Etc, etc. I spend very little time trying to hit "normal" golf shots. Maybe 2 or 3 three out of 10 will I try to hit normal.

    What this does is it helps build awareness. It builds awareness of where the face is, my strain level, and increases my knowledge of what can be accomplished with the club if I focus on the right task.

    Just my opinion, but try it out next time you're on the range. I think you'll find it more productive than hitting 30 7-irons.