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Cross Handed with Double Interlocking

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  • Cross Handed with Double Interlocking

    Ok, I have been messing with my double (reverse?) overlap grip that I have used for the past year. I still have a strong hit impulse at the bottom of the fall into the ball.

    While I am not claiming to have invented the following, I can’t find much of anything out on the Internet:

    I switched to a cross handed grip and I am interlocking my bottom hand (left for me playing righty) into my top (right) hand with the pinky and ring finger of the left hand into the index finger and ring finger of my top hand. This somewhat interlocks the middle finger of the left hand snugly above the index finger of the right hand. Put another way, the only fingers NOT interlocked are the index and ring finger of the left lower hand and the ring and pinky finger of the top right hand.

    The grip goes across the palm of my top right hand with my right thumb straight down the shaft. I’m still working on where the left thumb works best but I currently have it on the left / weak/target side of the shaft to prevent any manipulation.

    When you do this without a club you can really feel the union of the hands and ACU below the shoulders and then for me it’s just a move of the left shoulder down to put the swing in motion.

    I also added a twist by taking my left lower hand index finger and running it down the shaft and it goes right along with my left shoulder moving down and the finger almost pointing the way of the arc back. Good luck having any wrist flip without deliberately trying!

    I’m curious if anyone has tried this (and it already exists lol) or if I can patent it amd call it the “Silly Lock”! 😂

    Try it out and let me know? 😬👊