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2019 New Golf Rules Changes

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  • 2019 New Golf Rules Changes

    2019 New Rules

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    Hi guys,

    It is IMPORTANT to note that (to the best of MY knowledge) these changes remain PROPOSED changes to the Rules....

    When 2019 arrives, these points that are outlined in these topical videos may or may NOT become the law-of-the-land?

    From where I sit, I'm not sure that I'm in favor of many of these proposals?

    For example: IF you can "ground your club" and "remove loose impediments" when your ball is in a Lateral-Hazard", WHERE and WHAT is the PENALTY for hitting your ball INTO the Hazard?

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      Hey Costa according to the article in Golfweek March 12 2018, the new rules have been adopted See link

      You will be allowed to remove impediments from the bunkers, like the video demonstrates. This I agree with because it includes stones and some of the bunkers have gravel more than stones. Also the golf course will be able to adopt a new rule for out of bounds its. You will be allowed to drop your ball in the vicinity of where the ball went out of bounds.


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        Sir Ron...

        " of MY knowledge...." has duly and rightfully been amended. Please refer to update in my awareness-base appendix as annotated...


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      I just bought one last week. Great club.Tried it for 18 holes. I like the way it feels and sounds, but I am thinking to have it re-shafted though. But I am a bit too picky, so have a go at it.